Best Review - Top 6 Tips To Avoid Injuries During A Move


uring a move, the body is subject to a lot of stress. Minor and severe injuries prior or during the move are very common. However, you can avoid the pain and trouble if you are equipped with the right information.

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First Aid Kit Should Be Handy When Packing and Moving

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Make it a point to keep the first aid kit within easy reach. The kit should contain band-aids, alcohol swab, crepe bandage, safety pins, wound dressing, gloves, antiseptic, and other essentials. The kit can come in handy when you encounter minor injuries.

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Moving and Packing Tip 2: No Bending

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Common injuries are caused by wrong lifting; so, don’t bend the body to lift something especially if it’s heavy. You need to squat down first and lift the heavy item using your lower body. Never bend at the waist, and keep the boxes or object close to the body as much as possible. If you have a dolly, you can use it to move around boxes and objects.

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Rent The Right Equipment From The Best Packers and Movers

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Some households have heavier and larger furniture or appliances. A regular dolly can’t handle the weight, so a better option would be to rent out the right equipment. You can check with the best packers and movers agencies in your area to determine which equipment to use.

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Inspect Your Home

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Prior to the actual moving date, you have to inspect your old home and the new one for trees, branches, poles, posts, uneven surfaces, steps, and other unstable surfaces. People come and go during a move. It’s very easy to encounter injuries when you’re in hurry or perhaps when you’re carrying large moving boxes.

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Wear Comfortable Clothing

During the move, it is important that you wear comfortable clothing. You should avoid shirttails and loose sleeves because these outfits can get snagged. The right footwear is also significant. As much as possible, you should wear supportive and durable footwear. Avoid wearing open-toed footwear because your feet can get scraped or wounded accidentally.

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Communicate Clearly

Accidents usually happen when the boxes and other things are being moved into the truck. Oral directions are better, as well as firm communication. You have to avoid making assumptions especially if you plan to pass the boxes from one person to another. Ask the other person if he or she has a firm grip on the box/item before you let go.

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Pets and children should not roam around the house during the move, as this will only invite accidents or injuries. You can take your kids to a babysitter, and if you have pets, you can take them to a boarding facility or just leave them inside an empty room.

Follow these moving tips and you can surely avoid potential injuries during the move. Adequate preparation and knowledge are some of the keys to having a stress-free and easy move.

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