Best Review - Top 6 Three big hits and two huge errors Samsung Galaxy S6


amsung has finally unveiled its major asset for 2015: the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is a radically different design Galaxy S5: metallic, elegant, imposing. And a real beast inside. It has three large, fantastic successes, but two huge flaws that we can not remove the head.

In Gizmodo in Spanish we had a good time with the Galaxy S6 both before the event and after its official launch. It is probably the best smartphone that Samsung has ever made, even over very Galaxy Note 4. But it is not a perfect phone. And worse: perhaps not as perfect as Samsung needed to cope with the iPhone 6. But let's start with the successes.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy S6: the new Samsung in the end is different
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is unlike any other phone that Samsung has done to date. ...
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The uniqueness

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It is now almost impossible to find a better screen on a smartphone 5.1 inches. Quad HD resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (577 dpi) is so brutal that in fact it is almost obscene (76% more pixels than the Galaxy S5). Is it really necessary to reach these levels in a smartphone? Not really. Samsung, however, has managed to spin a good story to justify such a decision: it can be used with augmented reality viewer Gear VR.

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Three big hits and two huge errors Samsung Galaxy S6

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Now it may seem insignificant, in fact Samsung tiptoed in his presentation on the new version of Gear VR also be compatible with the Galaxy S6. But it is a field in which Samsung has managed this time forward, play ahead. Gear VR is still a prototype, but a prototype very promising. Maybe in two or three years is the team that many will want to take home to play and watch content. And if that happens, Samsung has just given a perfect formula to unite a huge business (smartphones) with another potentially huge (virtual reality). The Galaxy and the stratospheric screen S6 is proof that you can get.

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Three big hits and two huge errors Samsung Galaxy S6
The camera was a key point for Samsung if I wanted to catch up with what it offers the iPhone 6 and, above all, the iPhone 6 Plus. The Korean did not hesitate to compare facing night photos and engravings of the iPhone 6 plus against the Galaxy S6 videos. The F1.9 aperture and optical stabilization are, according to Samsung, on a clear quality for the Galaxy S6. We'll have to test it thoroughly, but first impressions suggest a great job on this front.

Improving the front camera, climbing 2 megapixels on the Galaxy S5 at 5 in the S6 and offers a 60% capture more light. Improve functions such as autofocus automatic movement that in our tests worked really well. And improves the simplicity of the camera interface, with icons and menus where you no longer lose for minutes. Samsug a simplicity that has led to the letter in the Galaxy S6. Applause.

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Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

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With each iteration of the Galaxy range, Samsung makes an interesting exercise: to throw trash out the window bloatware occupying time and space in our phones. He has returned has to do with the Galaxy S6 and although it is far from perfect, the user experience is much, much more fluid and intuitive. Therefore, Samsung has reduced to two application screens (not complete) the mobile configuration.

The attention to simplicity, to try to achieve a layer of Android Lollipop as close as possible to stock Android, Samsung has led many indecipherable icons to remove and replace text directly, to add text to the icons themselves (as in the app camera) or include in just three or four folders everything you need at the front Google or productivity (Interestingly, One Note, One Drive and Skype are installed by default).

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Three big hits and two huge errors Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has once again proved that people can become obsessed by Apple. His constant punching the iPhone during the presentation (the Galaxy S6 aluminum does not bend, the camera is better than the iPhone 6 Plus ...) were a first test. The design of the Galaxy S6, too similar to the iPhone 6 today has been another demonstration of this obsession. And not only in hardware, as we have seen in many photos, also in the software. What do you remember the call screen image above? Pure iOS.

Apple obsession Korean however goes beyond pure design and easy stabs. Own strategy reaches the bottom of Samsung. Why continue committed to compete in the higher range against Apple? Why try to unseat the iPhone smartphones luxury segment? The Galaxy S6 is an exceptional smartphone, premium and even luxury. But neither Samsung nor any other brand has (so far) the tug and positioning enjoyed by Apple. The Galaxy S6, at an aggressive price, 100 or 150 euros / dollars below the iPhone 6 would be a real blockbuster sales. Why try to beat an opponent in a field that can exhaust you to exhaustion?

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"Innovation" empty

Three big hits and two huge errors Samsung Galaxy S6
It was really funny how at the official presentation of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress only appeared again and again a model on giant screens: the S6 Edge. Is new, most attractive, "innovation", as Samsung says. Really? Why launch a model like the S6 Edge is merely the successor to a failed experiment as the Edge for sale? What does exactly boast Samsung beyond a presentation? Yet we know the price, but probably far exceed 750 euros.

Like the VR Gear is the first step of which points to a real innovation, a potentially million dollar business, after testing the Galaxy S6 Edge, one is left with the feeling of seeing the most colorful and telephony superfluous idea.

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