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mall towns have charm that you won't find in bigger cities. No matter where in the world you live in a small town, there are certain characteristics that are shared. This list focuses not on the more traditional "one stop light" comments, but on more unknown little tidbits that you only realize once you're part of a small town. If you live in a small town, you will be able to relate to these 5 statements, no matter what country you live in. If you have never lived in a small town, you will gain some insight to what small town living is all about. Small town living is really all about community. You may not know everyone by name, but they all know of you, especially if you happen to move to this town, instead of having been fortunate enough to be born there. There is a feeling of safety and comfort in small towns that you won't find anywhere else.

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Top 6

Your favorite teacher from when you went to school is now teaching your son

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People who live in a small town tend to stay in that same small town. Your favorite teacher was old back when you went to school, but she is still around to teach your son now. And that familiarity certainly makes you nostalgic.

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You can identify your neighbours by the sound of their car engines as they pass by

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Everyone's old pick-up truck has its own distinct rumble.

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You have no secrets

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Everyone knows everything that happens in your life. Good luck buying a pregnancy test without the whole town knowing you're "trying". And don't even think of having a party without inviting the whole neighbourhood. If your kid makes a scene in the grocery store, it only takes an hour before every store owner in town frowns when they see you and your offspring enter their store.

Top 3

Everyone waves as they pass your car

Doesn't matter if you know them or not, a friendly wave is customary in a small town. And you better drive like you're out on a Sunday cruise or you'll never hear the end of it. Remember, everyone knows what you drive, and where you live.

Top 2

The liquor store is the busiest store in town.

It's the one place in town that never goes out of business. And it's where you see all your neighbours and friends and you discuss the great deal on your favorite beer. The perfect place to pick up a birthday, christmas, or wedding present. Who doesn't love booze? Nobody in a small town, apparently.

Top 1

Everything is closed on Sundays.

The town looks like a ghost town on Sundays, especially after Church gets out. No business owner wants to work on Sunday; hence everything is closed. Sunday is family day (fingers crossed you have a family, otherwise you will feel out of place) and don't think you're going to get off easy and find take-out food; Cooking is mandatory -there just aren't any other options.

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