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suppose you know what a membership site model is. These proven business models are all around us, club memberships, gyms, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, the list is endless. And this is similar, only thing is that it’s online.

This membership site model is simply an online community where the members will be able to access premium content like guides, articles and reports as well as other forms of media (audio, video, programs, expert interviews, forums etc) and the only way to keep accessing them is to pay a regular subscription fee (monthly, quarterly or even yearly)

But the real reason why membership site models are the way to go is really simple:

Membership Sites Blueprint
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Recurring income

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If you missed this the first time round, let's read it again.. Membership sites allow you to have recurring income each and every month. It's that straight forward, do the work once and get paid month in, month out.

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Unlimited potential

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95% of sites can be made into membership sites. Products which involve hobbies, interests and niches are perfect to be set up as membership sites. You should stop leaving recurring money on the table and start monetizing the proper way.

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Easy setup with minimal cost

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Some people will tell you that it takes a whole lot of time and money to create a high-end membership site but that's a myth which needs to be debunked. It's possible to create an amazing site with free tools which work as good as the paid ones (sometimes even better!) so you'll have one set up at a minimal cost.

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Skyrocketing conversions

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With our own membership sites, our split testing has shown that our members have much higher conversions (up to 18 times!) as compared to normal traffic. Therefore, the potential to have other sources of income from cross promoting products is huge.

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Abundance of free content online

If you think that's a bad thing, think again. There is just so much free content online that people tend to be extremely skeptical about the things they read online (hence the saying "you can't believe everything you read online!") which means that paid premium content always will have more value. This has directly led to a huge increase in demand for membership sites.

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Membership sites have a higher perceived value

Much like the real world, membership sites show exclusivity and is always synonymous with better quality and hence a higher perceived value among customers. If you're working in a niche market, this is even more apparent as your customers will accept you as an expert in the field.

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So here's the thing. Some of you already have a product which you're itching to get onto the membership site business model. It's simple to show you just how fast you can transform your content into a monthly recurring income.

But some others may not even have a product.

Some may not even have a niche to work with.

And what if you aren't an expert in anything?

There are literally MILLIONS of experts... but only a handful of Content Publishers.

And being a content publisher is where the real money’s at.

You see, being a content publisher, you can engage the services of experts to do all the work for you while you reap the benefits with recurring income by focusing on the site creation as well as the marketing aspect of it..

If you would like a complete blueprint on how to create a membership site or to convert your existing site / product into a membership site, read more here.

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