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dzly is changing the way people advertise. No more do you have you to spend ungodly amounts to advertise in specific keywords, that may or may not drive the traffic you desire. Adzly is the wave of the future.

Reasons to Check out ADZLY
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No PPC costs you have FPC costs

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There is no PPC costs associated with ADZLY. It is Free to click and advertise.
The way it works is simple. You put the Adzley widget on your site or even on your IM Faceplate. Every "View" will gain you a view on another site targeted to your specific offer.

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Integrates with IM Faceplate

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Create your own ads

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ADZLY lets you create your own ads target them to very specific and targeted subjects. Therefore you know that your ad will always be shown on the type of site that will give you the best chance of gaining actual related traffic.

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It is free

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Of course ADZLY makes money by selling packages of credits. They may even be worth buyng at sometime, but they're also not necessary.

Simply trying out the IM FACEPLATE program that can be completely integrated with ADZLY will often give you over 100 "views" a day with minimal effort. Perhaps quite a bit more with a really concerted effort.

That could lead to thousands of free to use for your offers every week.

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Ads work

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I am a fan of building organic traffic to drive traffic through search results. While backlit is still great idea it does not need to be the only way you try to gain traffic. PPC and paid advertising to get expensive quite quickly, although it can be very effective in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing.

Getting involved in it for what amounts to a minimal amount of work with maximum results seems like a no-brainer

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ADZLY is the wave of the future

Have you ever wished you could get involved with Twitter or Facebook or even Google AdSense before it took off and effectiveness decreased.

Here is your chance. ADZLY is new and fresh and Free. Check it out.

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IM FACEPLATE and ADZLY is the fastest way on planet earth to get your website BANNED, BLACKLISTED or ACCOUNT SUSPENDED. If you have a website and value your hosting account DO NOT sign up for IM FACEPLATE or ADZLY. Do so at your own peril. You have been WARNED.

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ADZLY is illegal spamming

ADZLY is illegal spamming software and the fastest way to get your website Banned, Blacklisted or Account Suspended. Do Not, I repeat DO NOT sign up for this program is you value your website and your hosting account.