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rticle writers write articles at Revenue Sharing Websites to earn revenue. Revenue Sharing Websites offer easy to use free platforms for writers of all levels to write articles and the revenue generated is split with the writer. Revenue Sharing Websites are especially perfect for the beginner writer.

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Google Adsense

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Google adsense is in my opinion the largest Pay Per Click Publisher Network on the web. It's free to join, free to embed ads onto your blogs and websites and offers it's publishers to generate revenue from impressions and clicks.

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Mountain View Clicks Publisher Network

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Join for free to become a publisher, place ads onto your blogs and websites, earn 10% of the money spent by the advertisers you refer and you will earn 30% of money earned by the publishers you refer.

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Join Chitika free to become a publisher. Publishers have permission to use Chitika ads on the same blogs and websites that show Adsense Ads. Chitika too is a Pay Per Click Publisher Network.

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AdBrite Publisher Network

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AdBrite is another free to join publisher network. Join, create your free account to place ads onto your blogs and websites. Very similar to Adsense, MountainViewClicks and Chitika.

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Infolinks In-Text Advertising

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Infolinks is free to join but what makes it different compared to Adsense, MountainViewClicks, Chitika and AdBrite is that the ads you place onto your blogs and websites don't take up real estate space. Infolinks become visible to a visitor when they place their mouse over a double lined word within your content. This is considered In-Text Advertising. Infolinks is perfect for someone who uses blogger to write blogs.

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Kontera In-Text Advertising

Kontera In-Text Advertising works with blogger too. Very easy to embed Kontera In-Text ads into your content and works the same way as Infolinks.

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Pay Per Click Publisher Networks Earn You Additional Income

I wrote a Hub describing how you can earn additional revenue using Pay Per Click Publisher Networks.

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If your someone who is experienced writing online and want to expand, there are Pay Per Click Publisher Networks which are free to join to earn additional revenue. Writing blogs and creating free websites to expand your Internet Writing Business and simply adding Pay Per Click Publisher Ads onto your blogs and websites will let you earn additional revenue without having to share the generated revenue. Create multiple streams of income for free.

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bujju's picture

Good article. Sure looks like

Good article. Sure looks like something that I will try.

LindaJM's picture

Thanks - I'll keep that in

Thanks - I'll keep that in mind. I use AdSense and Amazon on my websites but not much else.

mailxpress's picture

Hello bujju, I love this

Hello bujju,
I love this Best-Reviewer. I'm so pleased we are one of the first to use it. I believe we are the first 1%. I find that to be so exciting.

I'm so happy you like the Top. I'm going through the motions to learn and I am replying to a comment for the first time right now. Thank you. This website is going to explode.

mailxpress's picture

Hi, I need to use Amazon


I need to use Amazon more. I don't have much experience using the Amazon but maybe in the future. Article writers love Adsense.

Momenul's picture

Nice site for me pls know me

Nice site for me pls know me which ad network are eligible besides adsense ?