Best Review - Top 6 Places to See Before your Die


here are lots of places to see before you die. Wonderful spots around the globe that have something special about them.

Many of these spots are well known. They are huge tourist destinations and have a sense of history about them.

But then there are some magically spots that are not as well known.

These are 5 of those spots.

Perhaps you have never heard of them, but they are great places to add to your list of intended travel destinations.

Incredible travel destination: Blue Hole in Belize
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Blue Hole in Belize

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The Great Blue Hole is pictured above. It is a divers dream and a giant sinkhole in Beautiful Belize. Belize itself is a wonderful vacation destination but if you are a diver is worth going far far out of your way to visit the gorgeous blue hole offshore of Belize.

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Keukenhof Tulip gardens

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Known as the Garden of Europe, this is nearly 100 acres of tulips arranges in amazing and colorful patterns.

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"Tunnel of Love", Ukraine

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Take an idyllic stroll through this awesome tunnel of trees. Or even take a romantic train ride.

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Colorful houses of quaint Burano, Italy

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Burano, Italy is a small island not far off the coast of Venice. It is a quite little village. But it is mainly noted for the amazingly colorful houses that line its streets. While many people will travel to Venice not everyone will make the trip out to Burano, but it is a trip to is definitely worth making and should certainly be added to your list if you are in the neighborhood and traveling in Italy.

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Lavender Fields of Provence, France

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The purple fields of France absolutely gorgeous. The lavender fields go on for miles and miles and are truly a sight to behold in the right time of the year if you have a chance to go here when the purple flowers are blooming you will find this one of the greatest sights to behold you can imagine

Top 6

Castles of Europe

S.'If you are in Europe you cannot help but see many of these wonderful castles check out this link to find a list and pictures and videos of some of the very best castles of Europe to make sure you add them to any itinerary of a vacation to Europe. You'll not be disappointed.

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If you're looking for some extremely colorful and vibrant places to visit hopefully this list gave you a few places to visit before you die. These are great additions for any bucket list. I hope you checked out the links and found some of these wonderful vacation destinations that are a bit off the beaten path and may make excellent spots to add to your future trips.

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