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was very much frustrated when I invested a few dollars to start up my blog. Because I was convinced by friends and some of the articles that I have read ‘internet money making’ is a scam or a fake. But when I received my first check on August 2011, I came to know online money is a not a scam and its real and all my doubts and confusions were cleared up. Here I am going to explain to you the best online money making opportunities

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Money Making from Ebay

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There are two ways you can make money from eBay. They are:

1.Direct selling

Create an eBay store which displays all your stuffs so the buyers will get to know what’s on your store. There are some websites that provides whole sale products in a very cheap rate like For instant create a shop which sells only electronic items like phones. You can get mobile phones in a cheap rate if you take a large quantity but don’t bundle them in your shop at a time keep minimum quantity and see the demand. If the demand is high order some more stuffs and keep in your store. EBay sellers make thousands of dollars per months simply selling on eBay.

2.Ebay Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of being eBay affiliate is you don’t have to actively mingle in store creating and selling on eBay. To be a part of affiliate member you should be a registered member of eBay. EBay affiliate program is managed by commission junction. I have seen some people have created website only to promote eBay affiliated products where they get pretty good amount of commission for every sale they mediate. Get registered in ebay affiliate program and kick of your business.

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Money Making from Amazon

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Same as ebay in amozn also there are two ways that you can make money. They are:

1.Selling your own products on Amazon

If you need to sell your some products same like in ebay just creat a Amozan store. Amazon is very popular online store where people buy different items. People make pretty good amount of money by making a amazon store and selling cool stuffs.

2.Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the one of the cool way to make money online. In some affiliate products you will get up to 50% commission from each sale. Get registered with Amazon Associates and keep related banners and advertisement on your website or blog. Another way is to create a website only to market Amazon products. To get in success in affiliate marketing you must write a very shining summary of each product which draws the attraction of visitors. Meanwhile you have to market your website through all the possible means to get more visitors.

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Money Making from Click Bank

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Same like the previous two methods you can make money from Click Bank in two ways they are:

1.Selling your own Products

You may be good in software writing or application development or Novel writing. Create an interesting stuff which the visitors may be interested to buy. Create a pitch page in Click Bank and write in details all about your product. You must convince your visitor that the product is a ‘must buying’ product. Remember to be frank and honesty.

2.Click Bank Affiliate Marketing

Click Bank Affiliate Marketing is a one of the best method to make money online. All you need to do is to promote others products. Some clients give away 75% commission on each sale you mediate. That means you’re going to make huge profit if you can sell few products per day. Some people have created a website and blogs only to promote click bank products.

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Freelancing is one of the best to way to make money online. People have created online companies which provide multiple services online. If you are a talented or if you are specialized in specific area this is the high time to get kick off your freelancing work

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Article writing

Be a part of online writing community. There are online platforms which provide opportunities to become an author and to earn money like hubpages, InfoBarrel, Snipsly, Xomba. is one of the best platforms that I have come across where an author can find multiple ways to make money like keeping Google Adsense ads, keeping Amazon and eBay affiliate links. If you need to earn money by writing you have to write more articles that the visitors find interesting. For example, if you have written 1000 content rich quality articles and if you get a single visit for each article per day you will get total of 1000 visits per day. That means every month you will get 30,000 visits. T

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Blogging is another cool way to make money online. Create an eye catching and well designed blog. The content and structure of the blog should be search engine friendly and where visitors find it useful. Before creating a blog select a niche key word. You can choose good keyword using keyword tool like Google Adwards Key Word Tool. People use different money making methods to earn money by blogging like coaching, advertising, marketing products, product reviewing, article writing, writing different tutorials, etc.

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Basically these are the top money making opportunities which are legitimate and guaranteed.

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