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etting older often goes hand in hand with finding it more difficult to move about and perform day to day tasks. A live in carer can provide a degree of support in daily living, and the provision of various mobility aids can assist, allowing the elderly person to retain a greater degree of independence. You can find out more at the Live-in Care Hub about how homecare services can improve the quality of life of older people.

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Walking Frames

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A walking frame or Zimmer frame can help provide stability and support to those who have difficulty balancing. Frames come in several different variations to cover differing usage and users.

The simplest type has an aluminium frame, rubber feet and can be adjusted for height. It is lifted into position before a step is taken. Wheels can be fixed to the front legs if lifting is difficult. It is also possible to buy folding frames for ease of transport.

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Walking sticks

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Perhaps the most widely used mobility aid is a walking stick. These may be the traditional wooden hook-shaped type or a height adjustable aluminium shaft variant. The latter may also fold up for travelling. A wrist strap may be useful if hand co-ordination means dropping the stick is likely.

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Using a frame may mean that a less mobile person can move around their home more easily, but they are then unable to carry items. A good solution could be a wheeled trolley which provides a flat surface on which a cup of tea, plate of food, book or similar can be stored while being moved from room to room.

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For trips to the shops a wheeled walking frame, also known as a rollator or walker, may be useful. Both three wheel and four wheel variants exist, providing differing levels of stability and ease of pushing. Larger wheels are generally more stable. Many come complete with shopping baskets and seats to ensure the user can take a break whenever they need one. Look out for how easy the rollator is to fold up if it is to be taken in a car regularly.

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Wheelchairs for the live in carer to push

When walking isn’t an option a wheelchair is essential. Manual wheelchairs can be difficult for older people to move on their own and a powered chair may be more appropriate. For use when travelling many wheelchairs fold to quite a small size, and if much travelling is done then this should be taken into account when comparing different models.

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Powered Mobility Scooters

A powered scooter can be the difference between being able to go to the shops or take a book back to the library and being dependant on others to help you. They come in a wide range of designs from very small scooters designed to fit into the boot of a car or for occasional use, to larger models that can tackle off-road routes in parks or woodland. It is recommended that you arrange a “test-drive” before purchase.

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