Best Review - Top 6 Mind over body tips for weight loss.


our mind is a powerful thing.

It can be your worst enemy or your best friend. It can help you to achieve your goals, or hold you back even if you desire something with all your heart.

This is as true in weight loss as it is true in other areas of your life.

If you are trying to lose weight you need to get your mind on board, along with your body doing exercise and your heart and willpower making those important food choices.

It is a tripod or the mind, your food choices and your exercise. lick out any of the three legs and it makes the entire process of weight loss that much more difficult.

In this post we go over seven special aspects of weight loss that help to get that mind in order and We will point you to some good articles where you can find out a lot more about each specific area of weight control and how to find out more about it.

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Smells, aromatherapy and essential oils for weight loss

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Aromatherapy is a area that uses the power of scents.

These smells do two things, first smell is a powerful and underused scent. The right scent can evoke powerful memories. These memories can help us gain energy and the will and drive to exercise.

The second thing these scents do is go trough our nasal membrane direcly effecting the limbic area of our brain. From this, the right scents can help suppress appetite, increase our willpower, and increase our energy, drive and metabolism.

Le me be clear. This is not a magic pill. You are not going to smell your way thin. You will still need to eat healthy. You will still need to exercise. Aromatherapy and essential oils just make these health and fitness choices a bit eaiser to help you lose weight

Top 2

Weight Loss Habits

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Habits drive us. Both good and bad. When you make something a habit you take it away from something that is choice and make it automated. The goal in life should be to have as few bad habit routines and as many automatic good habits. This post on the 4 weight loss habits has 4 habits that help weight loss that you may not have thought of before. BUt they can all really help you achieve success.

Top 3

Mini-Habits and Weight loss

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Mini Habits is a concept where you make your habits simple to fail. With incredibly simple habits you should not be able to fail to do the habit every day as part of your routine, and most time will be inspired to do quite a bit more. The example of this is pushups. You commit to the crazy simple mini habit of 5 pushups at a specific time every day. Easy to commit to... and you will often find you do quite a bit more exercise. Bur even on bad days... the routine keeps going.

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Wieght loss with a walking routine

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Obviously walking is not a "brain habit" it is a physical activity. Everyone should know the efficiency of daily walks for health, fitness and weight loss. However, getting the will to walk every day is certainly a brain function, and walking is one of the very few areas in life where multitasking is efficient. Read on about how you can truely make the most of your walking. DO it efficiently and make a plan that can help you achieve sensible weight loss of up to one pound a week

Top 5

Read about weight loss and healthy living

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This is a classic use of your mind to help control your weight and live healthier. The more you know about weight loss, healthy living and the ins and outs of what makes us tick, the better chance you have of putting it all together and living a healthy lifestyle. Check out some of these books that make up the best weight loss and healthy living collection around.

Top 6

Understanding Portion Size

Portion control is one of the single biggest factors for weight control and healthy living. Having the willpower to properly size your portions is important... but not really a feature of knowledge.

The truth of the matter is that most people eat a lot more than they think. They think they are eating sensible balanced meals but are actually consuming much more than they think because they only have a basic understanding of real portion control. This guide shows you plainly and clearly what portion control is all about and how to tell your portions sizes at a glance.

Must have information for anyone serious about weight loss.

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I hope you enjoyed this review of seven great articles on weight loss and perhaps have a few more tools on how to control and lose weight at your disposal. Best of luck. Keep up the exercise, portion control and get your brain in the right space for losing the weight and keeping it off.

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