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et lovers live interesting lives AND they have interesting problems.

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Understanding and overcoming your pet's fears

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Understanding and defeating your animal'' s fears “Pet dogs could be fearful of all sorts of points,” states Dr. Mark Stickney, medical associate teacher at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “Electrical storms, fireworks...

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Achieving Weight Loss For Your Pets Is Possible

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Exercise is extremely important.
There are many ways to burn off those calories such as a nice long walk, doing some agility, going to the local dog park. If you have a cat, the laser pointer is quite popular and can be quite entertaining for them to chase and for you to watch.

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Amnesty event lures illegal reptiles

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Three alligator owners dropped off their animals at the first-ever amnesty program aimed at luring illegal reptiles and amphibians, organizers in New York said.

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Save Money On Crickets

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One 12 cent cricket will only set you back 12 cents. How about if you need to get hundreds of them/month to feed your lizards? The cost adds up quickly. Here is how to offset that cost.

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Stop Torturing Your Bearded Dragon

Think you have perfect husbandry of your bearded dragon? Read this guide and discover that there are 37 ways that you might be torturing your beloved beardie

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Snake on a plane! 1.5ft long reptile found on a plane at Glasgow airport

The 18inch long reptile was spotted under a seat on a flight which had arrived from Cancun in Mexico. The juvenile Middle American smooth-scaled racer was found on the plane at Glasgow Airport on Tuesday, echoing 2006 film Snakes on a Plane.

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