Best Review - Top 6 Items For A Small Solar Energy System


o build a small energy system using a solar panel is not as hard as most people think. Using one 50 watt panel and a couple of 6 volt batteries will allow you to power up your lights and possibly your computers and televisions. Of course, it depends on how much power each of your lights use and the same with the computers and televisions. It is not hard to do, nor is it expensive. A small system used to run some items will also lower your grid power bill. Not only that, but it will allow you to have some lights when there is a power outage.

The reason it is important to start small, is that when people think about setting up an alternative energy system, they think in terms of how much money a system will cost. Some are $5,000 and the sky is the limit! Well, you don't have to spend big bucks like that if you truly desire to live with your own system. Start small and work up to it little by little.

Another big plus for starting out this way is that you can learn how to run an alternative energy system while building your small system. Learning how to monitor the power, how to take care of the batteries, how it works and what you like and don't like about it. Maybe you will decide you don't want one after all. Then sell your equipment to someone who does. Not a lot of money spent for your lesson on solar.

50 watt solar panel
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One 50 Watt Solar Panel

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Buy a panel that is at least 50 watts. Anything smaller is a waste of money. A 50 watt panel will run some computers and tvs and your electric lights. No need to spend a lot of money on many panels if you are just starting out. Start small and grow your system over time.

Top 2

2 Six Volt Deep Cell Lead Acid Batteries

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Batteries are essential for your solar system! The power coming in from the solar panel will be stored in the batteries. Fork-lift or golf cart batteries are pretty easy to locate. They are not too expensive either.

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A Small Charge Controller

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A charge controller will keep your batteries from being overcharged by too much power coming in from the sun. On a bright, sunny day that can happen. It would ruin the batteries.

Top 4

An Inexpensive Inverter

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For a small system, a low cost inverter will work fine. As you move up and add more panels, you will have to move up to a better inverter. An inverter converts the DC power (coming from your system) into AC power for your electrical items.

Top 5

A Small Junction Box

A junction box is a wiring combiner point for the solar panel. It also provides weather and other protection for fuses.

Top 6

Heavy Cable For Connetions

Your batteries need to be connected to your inverter. Cables or electric wires are a heavy duty type of wire. Remember this is electricity coming through your wires and it is nothing to play with.You can be electrocuted just as easily as someone with grid power. So be very careful and do your research.

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It makes so much more sense to build a small system such as this, instead of trying to make your own solar panel. The price of solar panels, and other items to go with a system has come down in recent years. For very little money you can get started and cut back on your bill. Why not? What do you have to lose?

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