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he aim of this top to help people take care of there body health especially woman because they have a several changed in there body and they need to take care of there body

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hide body loppy

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Give adives ways to helpping hidding the body loppy we all have problem after we have pregnancy or when we lose weight
for that I will helping you
I search a lot of ways to avoid that until I found recipe that really love it
The ingredients its :
1_three tpsp of alum powder
2_two tpsp of cornflour
3_two tpsp of olive oil
You will put it to gather util its become like a cream that you can put it in your skin and then wait until its become really dry and then wash it and put a lotion you must put a lotion you can do it every day
Ok try it and tell me the result

Top 2

diet helpping

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Gives a many thing to improve your body loss

Top 3

diet food

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Learning how to cook in a healthy ways l love food i know you too what we can do about it we will still eating but in healthy way good food good health theres no one that butter than you love your self your are important person

Top 4

hair care

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Many recipes of how preserve our hair yes yes l changed my hair colour many time now l stop changed and start protection for my hair because the secret of beautiful woman its here hair

Top 5

soft body

How a nice to have soft body

Top 6

good body smell

Yaaa you can have a good smell even you make a hard we improve that in a just aview ways

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