Best Review - Top 6 Ideas for Tropical Home Decor


ake on an inspirational elegance theme of lush exotic style. Keep rooms colorful and cozy eclectic with modern tropical design. Finishes on room furnishings are simple, lightweight, nature and rustic inspired accents.

Personalize a tropical decorative room with handcrafted art pieces for creative touches of design. Keep accessories large in scale and shape and full of texture. Decorate with simple, artistic and unique home accessories in a tropical room interior. Use natural tones; materials, fabric, textures and art objects to inspire an updated tropical decor. Surround a room space in classic exotic style, upscale beauty and comfortable island-inspired flavor.

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Tropical Style with Floor Rugs

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Get the feel of tropical style with rugs made of lightweight fabric, jute or sisal. Hardwood flooring helps conduct a tropical style of decor--smooth and elegant.

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Tropical Elegance of Window Treatments

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Beautiful window treatments in tropical design style have
white, neutral tan, beige or patterned sheer drapery.
Bamboo shades and blinds also work well to strengthen a
tropical elegance style.

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Room Interiors in Tropical Colors

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A tropical decorative style is the energy of fun, warm tones and happy design elegance. Create a tone of tropical island colors and designs with home accents and furnishings. Tropical home decor keeps the focus on color, fun and elegance. Get inspired by a style theme that has warm energy, happy personality and refreshing vibrancy as a design element. Find splashes of bright tropical tones in blue, orange, yellow and lime green. These are feel good color tones with an elegance that makes spaces lively, happy and attention-grabbing.

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Lighting in Tropical Home Decor

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Elegant lamps for the floors and table tops help to the extend the elegance of ambiance in a
tropical decor.

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Decorative Plants for a Tropical Room Theme

Add a variety of short and tall floral designs in a tropical living space. Colorful plants in beautiful pottery and containers liven the contemporary design of a tropical decor theme. Decorative vases of gorgeous flowers, tall green indoor trees and glass accent tables channel the comforting energy of tropical style. Pamper your home spaces for a design boost of tropical décor. Natural woven textures for picture frames, rugs and elegant display shelves keep the flow of modern casual tropical style.

Top 6

A Tropical Getaway Scene

Decorate with furnishings and a backdrop of bright color accents. Spice up a decorative style with tropical-inspired patterns and home accessories in your room spaces. Display color layers through soft textures in throw pillows, drapes and artwork. Make a splash of love in a tropical home decor. Capture the spirit of tropical style in art objects, a modern ceiling fan and accent furnishings made of teak, wicker or rattan wood tones. Indulge in creative expression in a tropical home decor. Feature wall art that has the elegant style of a tropical getaway scene. A coordinated look in a tropical style space has a design balance of light, bright or bold contemporary accessories. Create a wonderful and appealing decor theme in your home with modern accent furnishings. Surround a tropical style space with tropical island inspired accents for a flourishing and healing theme of beauty.

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