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innamon is not just something you put to spice up your food, and it certainly does not contain ingredients that you should avoid consuming. Considering cinnamon is only a flavour supplement, it has some surprisingly good traits for your diet. For example, compared to a banana, it has higher amounts of proteins, energy and minerals with ten times less the sugars' quantity. That is one hell of a strong point and a reason to include it in your menu.

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Blood sugar and insulin

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Cinnamon is noted for its ability to stabilize the blood sugar and increase the insulin levels. This makes it especially good for consumption by type 2 diabetics.

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Some sources say that it helps reduce cholesterol - or rather block the bad kind (LDL) - while other studies show no such correlation. In any case, cinnamon contains no cholesterol and does not harm the heart, which is a victory by itself.

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Brain activity

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Some cultures have use for cinnamon as a mind stimulant. There are also speculations that the odour of the spice may boost cognitive function and memory by enhancing the brain waves.

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Physical pains

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There are links to the flavour supplement and the suppressing of pains related to headaches, migraine and arthritis. It might also prove helpful in treating ulcers.

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Cinnamon is high on proteins and carbs and increases the insulin in the body. This makes it good for people who want energy and positive moods.

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It contains anti-infectious molecules that make it a natural food preservative.

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Yes, I agree with you,

Yes, I agree with you, nothing in cinnamon which anybody needs to avoid. Contrarily, it is a natural product which includes many beneficial characters related to human health as you have discussed above. I like your blog, it is very informative regarding human health.

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Thank you! I would also like

Thank you! I would also like to hear your opinion about my official blog. You may find the link on my profile here. Don't be afraid of being overly critical ;)