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s toddlers we are hunger to learn to stuff, our minds are wide open for it. We are also fascinated with toys. So what better why to teach your toddler some of the things they should know then with educational toys for toddlers? Today's learning toys are so much fun I wish they were around when I was kid. Check out the toys in this list and see if won't what to have one or more for yourself.

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The Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

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Give your child a learning adventure with this educational toys for toddlers. Your child will get their exercise and learn some things as the peddle their way through different environments.

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The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

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Kids love to draw and paint on stuff with the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel that stuff won't be your walls. This will give your child an appreciation for art while they learn to use different art mediums like chalk, paint, crayons, markers and more.

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Fisher Price Learning Home

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Your toddler's going to love this playhouse. They will enjoy soothing music, traditional sing-a-long songs and will be introduced to the alphabet and numbers as they craw through the big blue front door.

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LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table

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This is one of those educational toys for toddlers that will definitely get your toddler started in the right learning direction. It will teach them the alphabet, numbers one through ten, shapes, colors and a lot more. All while they have fun just playing.

Top 5

Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School

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This educational toy will get you child ready for school or help them if they are already in school. Your child will love the bright, animated graphics that will help them with their writing, reading, counting and more.

Top 6

More Educational Toys For Toddlers

There are lots of educational toys for toddlers. If you would like to see more just click the link below.

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As you can see your child can not only have hours of fun with these toys they can also learn some important stuff as well.

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Norine's picture

They are. We ban all

They are. We ban all electronic toys from our house as well as any coutmper games, TV, etc. All that stuff is designed to make money- not to make our kids smarter. My daughter is very smart with none of that stuff. If you want your kids to learn the alphabet, shapes, colors, etc. teach it to them. It's not hard. I personally think all that baby tv and video games and learning toys cause ADD and possibly autism. The best educational toys for kids are a set of plain wooden blocks, books, musical instruments (like drums and maracas), plain dolls that don't talk or do anything, and pretend toys- anything that makes them use their imagination.