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hat are the best books for entrepreneurs? When thinking this question people often have in mind the folks you might see on shark tank. But in reality an entrepreneur anybody who makes a living by being creative and a little bit outside the norm. People who hustle for their money, or have a side hustle job where they make money on the side. These top six books for entrepreneurs are all essential books that anyone who fills those shoes will surely want to read again and again.

top entrepreneuer books
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Top 1

The E-myth Revisited

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This book is just about an essential for any would be entrepreneur. It discusses the mistakes entrepreneurs make and points out the ways to avoid them. This can be literally the difference to success and failure for any entrepreneur. It is number one with a bullet and count is a must read for anyone business or entrepreneurial minded.

Top 2

The Entrepreneur Mind

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100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs. This list of the hundred characteristics of entrepreneurs really get you thinking about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and how you can build your character in such a way as to help you achieve the success you desire. A wonderful book entrepreneurial minded.

Top 3

The Daily Entrepreneur

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This book discusses 33 facets of what it takes to be an entrepreneur on a day-to-day basis. It gives an idea of how you can build the routines, habits and foundations that can help you achieve entrepreneurial success with greater ease.

Top 4

Steal Like an Artist

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This book is not exactly about being an entrepreneur. It takes deeply into the creative side of entrepreneurship and gives wonderful ideas but had become more creative. A must read for any creative entrepreneur.

Top 5

From freelancer to entrepreneur

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The journey of a freelance writer to becoming a business entrepreneur. Great tips on how one guy did it, and how you can to.

Top 6

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There are a lot more great entrepreneurial and business books that you should read to help you achieve the success you desire. The link below has a list of 25 more books for entrepreneurs.

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If you are an entrepreneur, I highly recommend the books above. They will get you thinking and give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

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