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ello everyone, today in this post we're going to talk about best and top notch laptops to buy in 2016. Other than that, we're going to let you know the best laptops for gaming, most expensive laptops in the world, best laptops for college students, thinnest netbooks and best laptops for Windows 8 which can be touch screen laptops. So let's stop wasting our valuable time and get started with best articles about laptops which can help you to buy a best laptop in the year 2016.

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Best Laptops under $500 to Buy in 2016

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So I guess after checking out so many laptops now it's the time for you to buy one and you can find out that to in our post of top 3 world. According to me best laptop for regular use would be always the Macbook or in case you prefer Windows then go for Sony Vaio series or you can also go for any good laptop from Samsung.

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Best Gaming Laptops under $1000

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Well, if you are professional gamer then I know you'd always prefer and PC and not laptop. But I want you to know that there are many best gaming laptops out there which can be exactly same as gaming PC. You can check out our post which was written last year by me and I really hope that you would find a suitable gaming laptop for you.

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Best Budget Laptops for Windows 8

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So I guess Windows XP, Vista and Seven's days are gone and now is the time for Windows 8. Especially for those with touch screen laptops because none other OS supports touch screen computers right now. In this post you can find some of the best and highest rated laptops for Windows 8.

Top 3

Best Budget Laptop for College Students in 2016

I think this is the most useful post about laptop where you can see which are the best and most preferred laptops for college students since their needs are totally different from regular laptop users. So do check out those best laptops for students and hopefully you'll find the best one.

Top 2

Thinnest Laptops under $300 in 2016

Well, I really think that laptop days are over and now is the time for netbooks and ultrabooks which are much more reliable, quick and slim too. Right now best ultrabook in the market you can get is of HP or Asus, but if I had choose one of those I'd go with HP Folio 13 because it is quite unbeatalbe right now or maybe until Apple comes up with their slim iBook or something.

Top 1

Most Expensive Laptops in World

In this post you can discover which are the most expensive laptops in the world and even see some laptops which are gold plated and attached with diamonds. Well, who wouldn't love a laptop like that? Just imagine if someone can afford that much money for gold and diamonds what would the specs be of laptop? Serisouly it be must impossible to beat those laptops in speed or even to gain attention.

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