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love bags! If only I had millions of dollars, I'd go around the world and collect the most exquisite of bags. But right now, I'll have to be content with a purchase once in a while. Thanks to sites such as Pinterest and Keep, I can collect images of these bags, adding them in my wish list and hoping that someday, I can buy all of them. This top presents my collection of men's and women's bags.

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Coach Handbags

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Coach handbags may not be as luxurious as LV (but maybe you'll disagree with me), but you can't deny that it has a class in its own. In fact, the design can be comparable to Gucci. Anyway, here are my collection of Coach handbags which I'm hoping you'll like.

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Cool Bags for Men

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Thanks to the combined effort of talented designers and metrosexual men, bags for men are no longer confined to those boring designs. Everywhere you go, you'll spot at least one male with a stylish backpack. Here are some cool bags that modern, stylish men would definitely love.

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Dooney & Burke Handbags

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I love this brand! I love the vibrant colors, which I sometimes confuse with Kate Spade. Of course, the two brands are unique, but their colors are bright and beautiful, just saying. This collection features my favorite Dooney & Burge handbags that can be readily purchased online. When it comes to uniqueness, I have to say that my favorite is the Nylon Medium Pocket Crossbody.

Top 4

Kate Spade Purse

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I love, love, love Kate Spade bags! They make summer days even brighter, and turn gloomy winter days into happy days. There's something really childishly creative in these bags (I meant this in a really good way), and I can't get enough of them. The colors can sometimes be wrongly matched, but that's the beauty of these bags.

Top 5

Kenneth Cole Reaction Bags

This collection of Kenneth Cole Reaction Bags combines funky accents (such as metal studs) with sophisticated materials. If you want to spice up your outfit and rock a biker chic look, these bags will definitely give you what you want.

Top 6

Pretty Backpacks

Are you looking for pretty backpacks? This collection features the cutest bags that are available online today. From Victoria's Secret's sequined backpack up to Carrot's Striped Fleece Backpack, these bags are oozing with cuteness! Have a look!

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