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ealth is our greatest treasure. There are some things though that we are not comfortable talking about when it comes to our health and these issues can be either harmless or can cause us trouble. It is important to know which conditions require you to seek medical assistance, no matter how embarrassing they might be and when it is ok to deal with your health concern at home.

We should always cherish our health and even when it comes to issues we are not comfortable talking about we should keep in mind the doctors have heard them many times before and are there only to help you.

Embarrassing health conditions
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Top 1

What causes smelly gas?

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Learn everything there is to know about smelly gas. What causes it, how to get rid of it and when you should consider seeing your doctor about it.

Top 2

What causes you to fart so much?

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Even your gas does not smell it can be a problem if there is too much of it. Learn which foods and conditions causes flatulence and what you can do to prevent it.

Top 3

Why does your pee smell bad?

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When pee has a bad smell your body is telling you something. There are some foods that can cause your urine to change how it smells but most of the time the cause is somewhere else. Learn what are the conditions behind smelly pee and when you should see a doctor.

Top 4

Yellow poop in adults

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What causes your stool to turn yellow? Learn what this unusual color of stool is telling about your health.

Top 5

Reasons behind green stool

Green is another color that is not welcome in our stool, however it is likely the reasons behind it are not harmful. Learn what causes your stool to turn green and when you should talk to your doctor.

Top 6

Tonsil Stones

What causes these pesky stones to form and how you can treat and prevent them from forming again.

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These articles cover some of the most basic embarrassing issues, diseases which might be connected to them, causes behind them, treatment and self treatment.

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