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ith the Wikileaks dilemma, many of PayPal's current customers are looking for alternatives to using the online payment company.

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Offering a great alternative for those who may not have the credit for some online companies, allows people trying to get back on their feet to offer payment solutions for their customers.

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If you're into digital downloads as well as tangible goods, E-junkie is great for those wanting to buy and sell online goods and services. Automated solutions make it easy for customers to buy your goods even when you're not around. I personally have used this service and it is great!

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Google Checkout

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In order to use Google Checkout a credit/debit card is required. This limits merchants and clients who would like to forgo the use of a card and use their bank account only. If you're doing something simple, this could be a solution.

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Changing to Skrill, this site is connected with MasterCard and eBay. They offer solutions for web stores, donations and are free to buyers.

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Another solution with approved services for eBay users, this online payment method offers the same solutions as provided by PayPal and also have mail and phone solutions.

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If you're constantly on the go but still like shopping online or need to collect payments. This service is offered to mobile phone users as well as the traditional eCommerce exchanges.

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By looking for another way to exchange funds between buyers and sellers, current online shoppers can tell PayPal and companies like it, they will not stand for a dictatorship to rule the monetary system.

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Gus's picture

After paypal limited my

After paypal limited my account I switched to another payment processing system and they are worthy of a mention as a good paypal alternative. I use them for sales on both my website and Ebay.

lordt's picture

It would be good to check

It would be good to check this list if you have time to finish it. Maybe you can add details about the commisions and other fees.