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ishing is something that runs in the blood of man. For millions of years humans have fished for food, sport, and commune with nature.

I love fishing, and I think it is natural for most all persons to also love fishing. I also love to eat fish - specifically, I love to eat my catch. So here are my articles about fish and fishing.

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The Goliath Tigerfish

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This River Monster has captured the minds and desires of extreme anglers everywhere and has become known as the world's most desirable gamefish.

Of course I've never seen one - I've never been to the Congo, but Oh how I wonder what they taste like.

Top 2

The Candiru

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A monster straight out of a William S Burroughs novel - but all too real. No, the Candiru can't defy the laws of physics, and neither can you. Still, swimming in the Amazon is inadvisable. In this case - I don't want to know what they taste like..

Top 3

The Alligator Gar

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These scary fish are not aggressive towards humans in the slightest. They have, sadly, become a trophy fish for men with overly small penises. You know how it goes.

Top 4

The Bowfin

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The film Jurassic Park didn't feature any shots of a regenerated or cloned Bowfin, and the reason is that the Bowfin never died or went extinct - but it was there with the T Rex, and it is here with us still.

Top 5

Sand Bass - I love them.

Fun to catch - they put up a hell of a nice fight, and hit your bait like a freight train. Also, these are yummy in my to speak.

Top 6

Channel Catfish

Not quite as tasty as a blue or a yellow catfish - the channel catfish are more abundant, and thus more caught, and eaten.

I like them fried, and I catch them often with crayfish bait.

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