Best Review - Top 6 4th Of July Recipe Books (Kindle)


hether you are having a family gathering at home for the 4th July celebrations, or planning on making a special dish to take to a picnic, a 4th of July recipe book will give you some great ideas and suggestions to help make your Independence Day party perfect.
Even better, instead of having a bulky recipe book that takes up space on the kitchen counter top, get your recipes from a Kindle eBook, that is light and easy to carry with you.

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Love Of Cooking: 4th of July (Love of Cooking: Holiday Series)

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Written by a mother and daughter who love to cook, this book has some great holiday recipes that blend a spicy southwestern style with some southern charm. This is just one of a series of recipe books from these southern ladies, and the recipes have had great reviews.

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Fourth of July Recipes - Desserts

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This books was written by an eleven year old as a challenge from her sister, and features some of her grandmother's favorite recipes. Don't discount the fact that the author is only eleven though, as we all know that grandma's recipes are the best! The proceeds from this book are going towards the author's college fund, what a great idea.

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Smacking Good 4th of July Grilled Burgers and Sandwiches

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Fourth July means it's cookout time, and what better to cook for your Independence Day party than some juicy home made burgers and other tasty sandwiches. Don't settle for frozen burgers from the grocery store when you can make something special for a great event that only happens once a year. This 4th July give your guests the food they deserve and have a party that they will be talking about for years to come.

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The Ultimate Holiday Party/Cookout Rib Recipe Book (The Ultimate Holiday Party/Cookout Recipes)

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The author of this book of cookout rib recipes loves to cook, and he has prepared for you some mouthwatering ways to cook both pork and beef ribs. If you are going to prepare ribs for your holiday cookout you might as well do them right, and this recipe book will show you how.

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Tasty, Fabulous 4th of July Grilled Chicken Recipes

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Chicken is something that always goes well on the grill, but there are many more ways to grill chicken than you might imagine. This ebook has some grilled chicken ideas that will make your mouth water and have you reaching for the grill just to try them out. The author, Marshella Goodsworth is a superb chef with restaurant quality food and she is the author of a whole line of awesome cookbooks that are sold around the world.

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Sizzling, Smacking Good 4th of July Grilled Pork Recipes

When it's time for a cookout, not everyone immediately thinks of pork, but there are some wonderful ways in which you can prepare pork for your 4th July cookout, and this recipe book will give you some great ideas. The author, Marshella Goodsworth is a superb chef with restaurant quality food and she is the author of a whole line of awesome cookbooks that are sold around the world.

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