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o one starts out aiming to work in a job that doesn’t exactly pay handsomely. However, not every role in the economy can keep you in designer threads and caviar. In fact – given rises in house prices and the cost of living – many jobs now will only just keep the wolf from the door. However, there are some jobs where the salaries are far lower than most.

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Admin Roles are the lowest paid in any office

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Whether you’re working in a school office or a doctor’s surgery, admin roles are generally some of the lowest paid in the office, as well as the wider economy. Requiring few special skills or background knowledge, the admin role is likely to net you a very low wage. However, on the up side some admin roles can be a stepping stone to better things. So, if you’re looking to get a foot in the door of an industry but you don’t have the experience or qualifications to do it this could be a good place to start.

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Cleaning jobs will have you seeking out guarantor loans to get by

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Despite being one of the most essential roles in terms of creating pleasant environments, cleaning jobs are often the worst paid. Low hourly rates are common in cleaning, as well as zero hours contracts and few benefits. Not only that but you’re likely to be working at unsociable hours, for example cleaning office blocks over night. On the plus side you can usually manage your own time and you might even be your own boss.

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Table serving means you'll be relying on tips to get by

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Waiters and waitresses can earn decent wages in some of the higher end establishments. However, for the majority wages are low and there is often a big reliance on tips to bolster earnings. Given the amount of hard work involved in completing a shift at a restaurant, the take home pay often seems like paltry compensation, particularly if the tips are just not there. However, experience like this can take you all over the world and means you’ll never be short of a job. Plus, it’s very much a people driven role so if you’re a fan of meeting new faces there can be other rewards.

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Kitchen assistants' low pay means a struggle to make ends meet

Returning to the restaurant business, those who work back of house in the kitchen often earn even less than those serving tables. Kitchen staff work long hours in tough conditions and don’t always share in the tips that the waiters and waitresses can generate to earn more income. However, if you’re looking for a career in the kitchen and you can’t afford culinary school this is a great place to begin. Hard work, tenacity and the boldness to ask for a step up at the right time could even mean it launches a career.

Top 5

Carers are poorly rewarded for such a worthwhile job

Many carers are simply not paid at all, making this one of the worst professions for income. However, even as a professional care assistant there isn’t much to take home in the way of wages. Again, there are few guarantees of work and the hours required could be seriously antisocial. However, you will also learn a lot of transferrable skills and caring can be an incredibly rewarding profession.

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