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e will never understand how our taste buds work. Each of us has a unique class for food taste. A variety of food might have given you a sense of amusement going deep down our mouth. But not all food combinations necessarily be nutritional. From the fuss of making to the weird ways of eating, there are certain food combinations which could make you sick. This food combination list could give a nightmare, but it will keep you on guard. So be ready to despise some food items. Here is the list of weird food combinations you need to avoid

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What is the best alternative for breakfast while being late to your office or college? Bingo, Cheese Sandwiches and Coffee. The breakfast meal is easy to prepare but not great for digestion. The carbohydrates of bread nullify goodness of cheese. This weird food combination can also give you cancer as Coffee dehydrates your body. So, the best alternative food combination suggested is Cheese Sandwich with green tea.

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Yes, Vegetable Salad is one of the best ways to get lean. But you need to be on guard while picking up vegetables. Based on a recent scientific study, one of the food combinations to avoid is tomato and cucumber. The food combination of tomato and cucumber effects digestion. Both vegetables have different digestion duration which causes swelling of the stomach. It is recommended to use these vegetables on separate days.

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Another one of the weird food combinations you will find on someone's plate is potatoes and meat. This food combination has been in cooking books for decades. The problem with potatoes and meat is complicated relationship between starch and protein. Starch needs a strong natural base for digestion while protein needs a strong acid. This situation causes heartburn, belching, gas, and many others. So, it is recommended to avoid eating potatoes with meat. You could try starchless vegetables instead.

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What could be the best way to enjoy your weekends? Your favourite T.V series, beer, and salty nuts. It is another one of those weird food combinations people often love to have. But the side effects of these food combinations are surprising. Our human body starts storing water in cheeks while eating excess salt. Eating excess salty food items causes dehydration. Beer, being a natural alcoholic drink doubles the rate of dehydration. This scenario could get you under a chronic dehydration state which might not be reversible. So, it is often recommended to avoid this food combination.

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A food combination we all had since our childhood is bananas and milk. Banana with milk might not be one of the weird food combinations, but it is dangerous. Banana smoothies and milkshake disturbs both digestion and sleep pattern in an individual. It is recommended by health experts to consume them separately. So, banana milkshakes are one such food combinations to avoid.

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I hope this alarming list might have educated you to avoid these food combinations or any other food combinations you may be trying for decades. Food is an essential part of life but not at the cost of one's health.

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