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n taking a glance of Amazon and CrazyEgg, I saw that they are flooded with different laptop models in different price ranges. So it is really time consuming and confusing task to find laptop with best overall performance and from trustworthy laptop manufacturing brand. To help you out with this I have got here Top 3 websites to refer before you buy your new laptop. You can blindly trust reviews and suggestions provided by these websites because they review each laptop by quality checking and personally testing.

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Laptop Mag

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Laptop Mag is part of Tom's guide which is a tech forum helping millions of people. If we talk about Laptop Mag, then it is run by number of experienced tech writers. They cover reviews of each and every laptop launched in market. They personally test all laptops and list out pros - cons of each laptop so that you can conclude which laptops are best for your daily works. This website is very useful when you have got several laptop models in your mind and want to check out each laptop individually.

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Tech Brij

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Tech Brij is website which is totally focused on buying guides. They have got several different laptop buying guides in different price ranges so you can simply visit their website and find laptop buying guide covering your budget of buying laptop and then you are good to go. You will see all the best laptop models within your budget with it's review and detailed hardware specifications. Overall this is the best one stop shop website to find best laptop within your budget.

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PC Mag

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PC Mag is another cool website which has listings of laptops from all leading laptop manufacturing brands. They also have unbiased reviews of each laptops launched in market. They also have lists of best laptops as per different laptop types like convertible laptop, Netbook, General Purpose laptop, Business laptop, Chromebook. You should definitely try this website if you want to buy best laptop for yourself.

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Yup C-net covers each and every tech related thing on this planet but they have got quite a number of laptop buying guides in their laptop's section of website. You can find their reviews of latest laptops and few nicely curated buying guides which one can surely refer while looking for buying a laptop.

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Engadget is the another such website but it is focused only on gadgets. They also have nicely compiled laptop buying guides created by tech professionals. You will also find all latest news on released or upcoming laptops so it is a website to conclude whether you should buy the laptop or wait for any hyped newer models.

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Overall all these 3 websites are top websites to refer in order to buy best laptop. Well if you ask myself then I would suggest that all three websites are equally good for different purposes. Want to see reviews of each laptop Laptop Mag is best for that. Want to directly hop into list of best laptops within your budget then Tech Brij will be best for that. Well if you want to go with different types of laptops and it's reviews then PC Mag contains just that.

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