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weather map can give you a lot of information that can help you make decisions about when and where to travel. An online weather map must be easy to read, reliable, and up to date. Here is my top 5 weather map websites.

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This mapping site has a great layout that mostly fills your screen and is easy to read. From where I am at, that data only has a 5 minute lag behind the actual field conditions. Just go to this link, click the full screen button, hit play, and enjoy the weather.

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Weather Underground

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Now this is an awesome Weather Map. It completely fills the screen and can make for a great near real-time screen saver. The map is somewhat difficult to use though and has windows on it that can’t be removed.

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This map comes in at 3rd place because it is less interactive then the first two maps. The ability to zoom in has been replaced by the ability to click on specific regions instead. The map looks great and is easy to read, but its just not very navigable.

Top 4

The Weather Channel

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I know you like watching this TV show, so here is their interactive online map:

Top 5

The National Weather Service

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I have the National Weather Service's map as last because it just doesn’t have an appealing look and feel to it. The mapping is also not very interactive. You have to select a specific radar site to view instead of being able to pan over to the area you want to look at.

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