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ncreasing web traffic isn't easy. In fact, it's pretty hard, and it takes time to do. If you want to increase your web traffic the right way, the route to take doesn't involve bookmarking software, spam comments, or publishing second rate articles all over the web. The only strategy that will work is hard work, and that involves creating great content, networking, and a little search engine optimization. Read on for some tried and true ways to increase traffic to your website and see if it can help you gain some new readers and increase conversions on your site.

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Start Writing More, and Write Well.

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If your website or blog isn't performing the way you want it too, it could be because your content is actually not useful. Then again, it could be because people don't like your writing, or there isn't enough content on your website. The first step in the process to being successful is being good. Step 2 is being productive. Copyblogger is a site that specializes in writing tips for the web (not newspaper publishing - there's a big difference).

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Find Other People with Free Advertising Techniques and Networking

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Online marketing can be completely free for the most part. All it takes on your part is a time commitment. Free advertising and marketing techniques can help you increase your website traffic and find new people to network with. Find a favorite site to post information relevant to your niche and start networking with like-minded people. The result? Exposure, links, and eventually more traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips - Get Noticed by Google

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Google doesn't just randomly choose who to put at the top of their search engine results. Those top spots are awarded to the websites that they find relevant to the keyword search. That means it's going to take some work on your end to make your website up to snuff. Learn a few of the basics and get a handle on how SEO works here.

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How to Get Easy Backlinks to Your Website

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Backlinks are a major part of the whole SEO process. Start backlinking your websites on related articles, blogs, and your friend's website and you'll see an eventual upswing in your rankings.

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Create Free Websites Related to Your Content

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You already have your one website, but what if you started another blog that was in a related niche and linked to your other website? It could mean more traffic through that other blog, more revenue through ads, and more traffic through search engines. There are a number of free websites and blogs that you can get started with.

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The key to any successful online marketing strategy isn't spreading yourself thin over many websites, projects, and commitments. It's devoting yourself to a few of them, and doing them well. Try choosing a couple of tasks from the above list and see if it works well for your web traffic and marketing strategy. What do you have to lose?

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original's picture

good and useful info, thanks

good and useful info, thanks for the advice. I'll try some of the free websites.

celeBritys4africA's picture

Great advice, thanks.

Great advice, thanks.

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Yes, I agree with your

Yes, I agree with your statement that it needs work -- hard work -- although smart work is preferable. Consistency and avoiding burn-out is also needed. Using free blog sites does help. I link my paid-host sites and free sites.