Best Review - Top 5 ways to earn a little extra pocket money for you college expenses


ollege is any student's dream.College seems to be a fun place where you can hangout,party and study all at the same time.But what if you are a little tight on money then all your college fun plans go into the gutter.Well you can always work and earn yourself some extra money to meet your college expenses.

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Work online or Go blogging.

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working online has become the new trend.You can find your self a decent online job on Google and join for free and earn while you learn (as they say).Or else you can go blogging.Create a blog and post articles or anything you want..You can write your own articles if you are good at writing or copy and paste content... It always works :)

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Go waitering.

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Now this may need a little extra effort from your side but hey the money is good. Apply in the nearest KFC or coffee can have flexible working hours.And work part time to cover your expenses..And hey don't forget the free food ;)

Top 3

Give tutions :)

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You are now in college so you can teach juniour school kids or elementary kids atleast.Find 5 or 6 kids.Give them tutions and you are good to go...This job can be rewarding as well as satisfying too :)

Top 4

Make assignments and sell them.

Don't we all know those rich spoiled kids who got into the college because of the donations and not because of SAT's score.All they do is partying.They never do their homework or even their assignments on time...Well why not help them..but not for free... Make their assignments or Di their homework and make them pay...You will earn as well as learn.

Top 5

Make and sells stuff..!

Are you good at arts and crafts? at painting? Or anything...well if you are then what you can do is make stuff and sell them..If you are good at arts and crafts,you can make innumerable things,do DYI projects and then sell your stuff...or If you know how to oaint ,you can make portraits of people and get paid... I know we have camera's but hey everybody loves portraits. Don't you?
It may need time and hardwork but don't you wanna go to Starbucks..Well then Learn earn and have Fun.

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College may be hard but when you have money you have honey...Besides working is good for health.You will be able to know what it is like to be on your own.Also you may feel proud of yourself.Your personality will grow and you will be a Better and stronger person..So work and earn..Have fun,go partying, study,make friends and because you have the money for all these expenses ;)

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