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ver wonder what was living at the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe even in a volcano in hawaii, or just right above our hemisphere constantly flying in order to survive? No, this isn't a fantasy trope from the harry potter universe or anything from doctor strange. These are real creatures that inhabit the earth that have either not been talked about too often or are just too amazing to believe exist. Aside from deformed or mutilated dogs that can't eat chocolate and strange sounding or strange behaving cats that howl at the moon here are the Exotic species you never knew existed until now... Probably!

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There was a discovery of sharks living in the Kavachi active volcano 60 feet below ocean surface.

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Alaskan Shorebird

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A bird native to Alaska that has flown 7,145 miles nonstop. From Alaska to New Zealand, and she did'nt even have to take breaks nor pitstops.

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Mostly in the waters of New Zealand and part of the psychrolutidae family, this deep sea fish main diet is mollusks, crabs, and sea urchins.

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Rock fish

The pyura chilensus is a fish that starts off in its childhood swimming like normal fish but then hibernates into a rock. It remains a rock for the rest of its life.

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Mexican Axolotl

Also known as ambystoma mexicanum. This tiger slamander can grow back its limbs and dont need lighting to live. They can also eat lean pieces of beef and chicken.

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These are creatures that are not often talked about. But if we continue ignoring they exist, when they get discovered too often then when we liked, we may have to address them soon. And the sooner the better.

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