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here are many games from yesteryear which have made a comeback in recent years. Sometimes this reappearance is connected to nostalgia and a desire to relive or share the past with the children of today.

Many of these games are still fun and can be an excellent way to get children away from their computer screens and back to a more active kind of fun. The games which have made the best comebacks are those which have added a new twist; this helps them to appear different for children and more entertaining. The fact that they are a modern game makes it acceptable to play them!

The following five are the currently the top five traditional outdoor games:

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Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag is one firm that is reintroducing this game with a modern twist. As such it has become one of the most popular outdoor games for children of all ages. Even adults can join in the fun!

Capture the flag is a game that has been played for many years. It is simple and fun. The basic premise is to split into two teams; each team must attempt to capture the other’s flag and get it back to their own base. You can choose to be caught via tag or a more physical version requires you to grab your opponents.

The modern twist which has helped to revitalize capture the flag is the introduction of glow in the dark pieces; including the flags, territory stones and even wrist bands. It is no longer just a day time game. In fact, the fun doubles when played at night!

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A surprising but exceptionally fun game continues to be the limbo. Although this can be played anywhere with the sticks; it is far more effective if you purchase a kit from a supplier such as Big Game Hunters.

The kit contains everything you need to set up limbo anywhere. The greatest thing about this game is that adults simply can’t help having a go as well. Throw in a few drinks and you will be surprised at how flexible people can become!

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What could be more traditional than hitting a ball with a bat; it is the key to a wide number of games. However, if you purchase a kit from ‘Not on the High Street’ you will get four bats, plastic posts with rubber bases and even a canvas bag to carry it everywhere.

This traditional game can be played virtually anywhere and is still as much fun as ever!

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Twister has been a favorite for many years; children love to see how flexible they are and even many adults can discover how much they have stiffened up over the years!
The latest twitch to this classic game can be purchased from Amazon as a Twister picnic blanket. Now it can go anywhere with you and be enjoyed straight after eating!

Top 5


This French game has survived for many years and is still played by grown-ups and children all over the world; although it remains very popular in France. Very are offering a stunning set of boules with wooden balls and bright color rings to ensure every child knows which ball is theirs. This has helped to revive the game and put it into the top five.

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