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gypt is one of the most important and beautiful tourist country. Must on every tourist had repeatedly Giza to see the three pyramids, the province of Alexandria, where the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Library of Alexandria, and enjoy the beauty of the monuments in Luxor and Aswan, where temples and monuments. And coral reefs that are in the coast of the Red Sea.

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Giza Pyramids

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Pyramids of Giza ... one of the finest regions of the world and the most interesting ,,,

How not built and the ancient Pharaohs ,,,

The era of genius and intelligence ,,,

Much has been written about the pyramids .. as one of the top seven wonders of the world

And one of the largest gas ancient and modern history

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For those looking for a trip to the eternal love and warmth and beauty are advised to visit Alexandria, it sees this city for the first time certainly is falling in love, especially blue Corniche extends the old city coast, where the sunset becomes a favorite pastime for visitors to the Corniche Beach

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Citadel of Saladin

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The Citadel of Saladin of the most famous tourist attractions, which is located near the cliffs on the outskirts of Cairo, which was built in the Middle Ages to be a defensive point against the Crusaders attacks after Saladin took power in Egypt. It is now of historical significance site must be preserved. It is one of the most prominent Citadel of Saladin, Mohammed Ali Pasha Mosque, the Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad landmarks, and a well Yousef, the War Museum, as well as hosting some musical performances.

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Desert Blue

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Of blue desert area about 14 kilometers from St. Catherine's Monastery. Featuring Bamtlaiha lot of rock formations, which has Ptleuenha Jean Vera Mae in 1980, to commemorate the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979. During the visit to the desert of the blue in the Sinai desert do not forget to amateur sport hiking and meditation charming nature of golden sands and blue skies .

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Cairo tower

Cairo Tower, which is an architectural masterpiece built by the Egyptians at the Pharaonic lotus flower shape originally a symbol of civilization, which is the focus of attention of tourists the world and consists of 16 floors and stands on a base of granite stones Aswani that have already been used by the ancient Egyptians to build their temples and tombs

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