Best Review - Top 5 Tips for New Digital Camera Owners


or anyone who purchases their first digital camera, there are a few things they should know in order to properly care for and make use of their new camera. None of these tips are complicated, but failure to heed some basic advice can result in damage to equipment, permanent loss of images, or poor image quality.

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Saving Your Images

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As most people know, a digital camera records images on memory cards versus film. Memory cards can store hundreds and even thousands of images. Choosing the right memory card isn't difficult but it's important to assure it's compatible with your camera. It's also critical to handle memory cards appropriately so that the images on them are not lost forever. Take the time to learn just a few basics about memory cards.

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Learn How to Handle Your Digital Camera

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When you see great looking photos, it often has much more to do with the skill of the photographer than it does with their camera. You may not want to spend weeks reading books on the topic, but understanding a few basics can improve your photos greatly. Knowing how to frame or set up a shot, how to hold the camera, and so forth are critical to great shots. Once you've mastered the basics of course, you'll want to read your camera's user manual to learn how to use it's various and unique features properly.

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Preserving Your Photos

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Digital images on a computer can easily be lost due to a virus, computer crash, or some similar catastrophe. It's important to back up all of your important photos. There are a number of ways of doing this from the use of online photo storage sites to buying an external hard drive. Learn about the options and implement the one that works best for you so that precious photos aren't lost forever.

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Take Control of Your Images

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Most digital cameras will come with editing software. In addition, there are plenty of free tools out there such as Google Picasa that can let you take more control over the quality of your images and let you get more creative as well. Learn about just a few of the editing options available.

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Cleaning and Care of Your Digital Camera

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The lens is the most critical part of your camera as far as image quality. It is also the most expensive part on the camera. For these reasons, taking care of your camera lens is important. You can learn just a few tips on how to care for the all important camera lens.

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Taking the time to learn just a little bit about the handling of your digital camera can assure that you get years of enjoyment out of it and that it performs at or above your expectations.

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Thanks for the tips and links

Thanks for the tips and links to more tips and useful info :)