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here are many different sorts of things you should know in your life. Many things when you learn make you feel that you've learned something productive. So, coming up into this here is the Top 5 lists of "Top 5 things you must know in 2012" which you will never regret knowing ;) . According to rough general trend some of the most popular stuffs are Facebook secrets, Historical doctrines,awesome travel destinations and some money related stuffs. There’s an integration of all these into the lists given below. These are awesome and high yield lists you must know in 2012. As the time goes on rapid motion, missing these things isn’t going to be very helpful in your life. Check these out ;)

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Top 1

Top 5 Major Doctrines of History

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A lists of top 5 doctrines since past. How US became powerful by applying these doctrines?

Top 2

Top 5 Tips to get rid of Facebook addiction

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If you're a Facebook Addict and spend your productive hours wasting time on facebook dating, facebook games and other applications, view this list below.

Top 3

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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If you've just married and is planning to go for a honeymoon in awesome places. Check this list for awesome and cheapest honeymoon destinations.

Top 4

Top 5 Unpleasant Household Insects and Ways to Control Them

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Get rid of some of the most irritating and unpleasant insects and pests that dwell around your homes using the tips given in the link

Top 5

Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Students

Are you a student and finding difficulty to manage your budget and save money. Check this list for awesome tips to save and make money.

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