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elationships are a lot of work, especially in modern times with so many other distractions. To make any relationship work, one must follow a few basic tenets. Being honest, open and communicative will help any relationship stay healthy. Overt time though, people change a lot, which can cause strife. Many people are not aware of the inevitable change in personalities in regards to their partners. Luckily, with a little bit of work, and willingness on both sides, most relationships can be saved. Here, are 5 Things you can do to save your relationship.

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Many relationships suffer from a lack of communication. This often stems from one partner being unhappy, and the other partner not knowing. Many people expect their mind to be read, and this is not practical. It is necessary, when feelings are hurt, or people do not feel right about something; to communicate with their partner. It is essential that the communication is open and not offensive. Avoid attacking a partner, or becoming defensive when criticized. A lot of relationships fail because one or both of the partners are passive aggressive. Getting things out in the open is a much healthier way to deal with problems.

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Have Fun

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Many relationships fizzle out as couples stop having fun together. It is natural in the beginning for everything to be exciting, but their is no reason this cannot continue. For both people involved, it is important that they plan out other fun activities that their partner enjoys. Most relationships are simple at first, simply lounging around together can be fun and interesting. As relationships progress, deeper and more entertaining activities should be explored

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A lot of relationships are shattered when partners lose trust. If the trust is truly lost, the couple should break up. When with someone, they should be fully trusted and respected. When a guy worries that his girlfriend is cheating, this can create anxiety. Even if this turns out to be unwarranted, the damage has already been done. Any solid relationship is built on the idea of trust. Without it, the relationship is bound to fail.

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Any relationship requires two people to have separate lives. Without space, most couples will end up having troubles. This is because naturally, people have their own friends and activities. It is great to have a day where both partners do something separate with non mutual friends. That way, when together, the time will be much better spent.

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Don't Force It

A relationship should flow naturally and freely. If not, consider getting out of the relationship. Anytime things have to be forced, it is only a matter of time before problems arise. Remember that a relationship is a two sided street, and both people should want to be in it for the right reasons. Of course, do not get out of a relationship when things go bad right away. Just remember that not every relationship lasts forever. Knowing this will ironically, cause the relationship to be much more natural feeling and happy.

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Remember, relationships take work and a lot of time. Nothing should be forced in a relationship, and things should go well naturally. Any relationships have their ups and downs; it is up to individuals to decide if the downs are worth it in the end. Nobody should be afraid to speak their mind, or ask someone for advice.

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