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his is a negative Top 5 review. What I am trying to say with this review is the Top 5 things strict parents do but should not be doing. There are only so many things a child born in an elemental state with a 360 degrees view of the World can accept without rebellion, contempt, lack of self confidence, discipline, loss of self esteem and eventually a deep rooted hatred of authority. Being a woman, my viewpoint is essentially from the distaff view. I cannot say anything else as the rules were always different for me and my brothers.

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Set a Curfew Everytime

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Is there a curfew for everyone of your child's activities? Like coming home from school, after school play hours, sleeping hours, time taken to eat. Well here's news for you. It is not going to wok. A child needs to know that she can act independently at times. Know that her parent trusts her. Know that a few minor issues like talking for 15 minutes extra is not going to bring a parent's wrath on her.

Top 2

Make Rules for travelling distance

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How far can your child go from the house without permission? Kids are generally exploreres by heart. They also have a natural safety instinct, a trip wire or a trigger. Allow them a bit of freedom. Let them test boundaries. Though not too much. Make rules but just dont be too strict about them. Make sure that your kid knows and trusts you enough to share any adventure or misadventure or temptation!

Top 3

Decide what Clothes to Wear

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I know parents who start getting jumpy the moment a girl turns 12. Your skirt is too short, your shirt is too tight, your dress is too clingy, even your wrap is too loose, like, someone can pull it! Chill. Your child has to wear something. Kids will normally wear things their peer group do, that makes them inconspicuous in a group, that will be accepted. If they lack attention at home, maybe there will be an attempt to dress outside the norms. Relax. These are phases that are likely to fade. Learn to pick your battles!

Top 4

Dont Let Girls have any Freedom

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Thats something many Asian parents and increasingly white parents are doing. Wolves are everywhere. You cannot keep your girl at home always. They will learn to deal better if they see more of the outside. If they have more confidence in self.

Top 5

Make Rules For Friends

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I can only say here, keep an eye on your child's friends. Don't make rules and expect them to follow as to friends. Friendship is a rare commodity. It cannot be imposed. Be a friend to your kids and their friends. Respect your kid's decision in this regard. Children grow in and out friends very fast. Making rules will only make it tougher for them!

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A child is born free. Let she remain free. There are enough shackles and curveballs life will throw up. Let them be enough for a parent.

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drjoe35's picture

this country back then had

this country back then had strict parents and that is what helped shape this country to been the greatest country in the world. but now following rules are a problem and this is why america today has all this kids acting crazy and the country has 2.3 millions inmates most in the entire world yet the united states is only 5 percent of the population. this lack of morality and of dont follow your strict parents and all this freedom promotion is what is leading this country in the wrong path and kids today lack morals and decency and live to rebelliousness and are not God fearing. It is scary to see these new generation lost and in the wrong path