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t happens to all of us; we are going about our day when the power goes out. Storms, problems with the electric box outside and domestic issues (such as blowing a fuse) can cause us to go several hours without electricity.

In the age where checking our Facebook and catching up on our favorite television shows are important, this can cause a bit of panic. We have become accustomed to our mobile phones and laptops, but the battery life needs to be saved in case of an emergency, so using our portable electronics during a power outage is not always an option.

However, there are several things you can do to pass the time until your electricity comes back on.

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Go Outside

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If you do not have anything else to take care of, and it is still daytime, then this is the perfect time to get outside. You can sit outside and enjoy the weather, go for a walk or run some important errands. It allows you to get away from your dark, quiet house.

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Work On Your Favorite Hobby

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Spend some time working on your favorite hobby, which could be writing, drawing, crafts or reading. You can use the sunlight, lantern or candle to provide lighting.

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Tackle Your Chores

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You have put off your chores long enough, so why not get them done while there is still sunlight? The dishes or trash are not going to go away, nor will that junk drawer that could use a little organizing.

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Fun and Games

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Are you with your family or friends during this power outage? Pass the time with board games, card games, puzzles, pillow forts and storytelling. It sure beats the heck out of sitting around and doing nothing.

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Create that List

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Do you have a shopping or to-do list to work on? Sit down and get it done while you have the chance. Once the power comes back on, you may be too distracted to do it later.

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When the power goes out, do not fret because it will eventually come back on. Until then, grab a board game -or a nap- and find ways to pass the time until your power is restored.

Image: Pixabay.

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