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here is a wide debate on what are the top ten sports in the world and here is one of the most popular ways to find out which sport really is king, it incorparates both watched, played amount of countries and just about any stat you can include. Most people will have arguements over which sport is the best or which sport has more followers but in the end its all about the figures and facts which you want to include in the final result to determine the Top 5.

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Football or Soccer

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Association football, football or as the Americans know it Soccer is the true king amongst sports. Football is played in more countries, watched and played by more people than any other form of sport. The World Cup in 2006 was watched in 214 countries by 26 billion people and the Final was watched by over 700 million viewers. No other sport can compete with these figures, so Football or Soccer is the number one.

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This may come as a surprise to most people but cricket has a massive following all over the world and although not popular in large countries such as America cricket can still hold its own. The Cricketing World Cup had over 400 million viewers and the BCCI is the worlds richest sporting organization making cricket a strong number 2.

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In at number 3 is to some a surprising entry but Basket ball is played by some of the biggest countries such as the USA, Russia, China and Canada. So their should be little surprise in its high ranking in the top 10.

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Not only is baseball very popular in the USA but countries such as Japan have strong baseball leagues. Baseball attracts millions of viewers every week and the strongest and most well known league is the MLB or Major League Baseball played in the USA.

Top 5

Rugby Union

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This is a very strong number five being played in the UK, Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa this is another of the true world wide sports and is gaining in its popularity every year due to the excitement and fast pace at which the game is played. The Dominance of New Zealand and Australia is always being challenged and occasionally taken from them but they always come back stronger

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Some of the results will surprise lots of people but in the end the Top Sport is Football or Soccer a true winner being played in more countries, more players and more viewers than any other sport a winner in all catogories.

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