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ou would do well to find a website or blog that does not have social bookmarking gadgets for readers to share the content on Digg, Twitter, Facebook and the other top Bookmarking and Network sites.While there are countless options when it comes to the social bookmarking gadgets you can add to your website or Blog keeping it simple is often your best bet.These 5 Bookmarking Gadgets are compact and open up to offer a large selection of bookmarking websites for readers to share your blog.So lets look at the top 5 ..

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Top 5

Add To Any

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Add To Any has been around a long time and their gadget can be found on many popular websites and Blogs.Along with the Bookmarking Gadget they offer a Subscribe Gadget to allow readers to subscribe to your site Via Rss and connect via Facebook, Twitter, Digg and others.

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Add To Social

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Add To Social is one of the newer Social Bookmarking Tools.One of the neat things they offer is a ranking list of the most popular Bookmarking sites, this lets you know were to Bookmark to get the most traffic.

Top 3

Only Wire

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OnlyWire Offer to Bookmark content to all the top Social Bookmarking websites with one click.While i have found this claim to fall short it still remains a Good option with an Extension available for Firefox, IE and Chrome.

Top 2

Add This

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Add This claim to offer the largest selection of Bookmarking sites from their gadget.Along with the Bookmarking gadgets are icons to Print, PDF and Email.

Top 1

Share This

Share This has a selection of Bookmarking gadgets for you.From a simple icon and text to Facebook, Twitter and Email Counters.

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These are all great Bookmarking tools and easy to use.It is advised you place bookmarking options at the top and bottom of your content.

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thanks for this tools. i was

thanks for this tools. i was to start blogging because my previous blog was shut down

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thank you good articles

thank you good articles

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Glad you liked the Article,

Glad you liked the Article, They are all great Bookmarking options...

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it is worthy in dropping by.

it is worthy in dropping by. Very useful! More Power!

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Thanks for sharing your stuff...good job..!!

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Good list and thanks for

Good list and thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the excellent comments. Putting them to good use now.