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n order for any business to operate efficiently it’s important they keep on top of their paperwork. This is not only a legal requirement in the UK, as you need to retain hardcopies of signed business contracts, accounts and such, but it’s also good practice to ensure you can reference back within your business timeline.
However, keeping all your business records in order can be challenging unless you have a proper document archiving system in place. So we’re taking a look at 5 signs that you may need to consider archiving documents to streamline your business.

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Data Breaches

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Much of the paperwork in your business will contain sensitive and confidential information and keeping this information safe and secure is vital. But data breaches do happen and many of these instances are down to poor document archiving. If you have had a data breach within your company or even a potential risk of one, this is a sure sign that you should consider document archiving to make sure data remains safe and secure at all times.

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Small Business Premises Overflowing With Files

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Another sure sign you need to review how you are archiving documents is if your files are full to the rafters. While you may be in the habit of keeping every piece of paperwork, some of it may no longer be required or certainly it could be stored more effectively elsewhere. Thus freeing up valuable space within your business and making future document archiving simpler.

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Duplicate paperwork

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It’s not uncommon for businesses to have duplicate documents, which can be down to human error or outdated filing systems, but this can make your business inefficient. However, a document archiving system can help remove duplicate documents from the system. And with the implementation of electronic and hardcopy document management systems that work together, you will have an up to date system that eliminates duplicate files in the future.

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Cluttered cabinets

With many filing spaces there is a tendency to dump paperwork with the best intentions of dealing with it later, believing that if it’s at least in the filing cabinets it is in the right place. However, this can soon lead to a disorganised filing space, which will only work to exacerbate bad filing practice and the issue of effective document archiving.

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Trouble finding files

Naturally as a result of an overflowing and disorganised filing system you may well find it takes a long time to actually find what you’re looking for. But when archiving documents you adopt a logical and organised approach for document archiving solutions that can alleviate many of the problems above.

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By addressing all or any one of these signs you can streamline your business in more ways than just filing, as paperwork will be less time consuming and will improve productivity levels too.

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