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hen you put a valuable rug into self storage it is important to take care to prepare it properly for storage, to ensure it stays in great condition. Here are the top 5 tips to help you do this.
There are many reasons we might need to store rugs. When we swap our decor over from summer to winter or winter to summer; because we want to change the décor but still want to keep a valuable rug. Because we have installed new flooring or just because we have fallen in love with a new rug - there are endless reasons. Rugs aren't a piece of decor that we are likely to want to give away because they cost so much money, and often we will have spent a lot of time choosing them. The problem is, they are awkward to store in cupboards or spare rooms at home, particularly in small homes with limited spare space. This is why a lot of people choose to store them in self storage where they are safe, secure and easily accessed.
If you are going to keep your rugs in self storage, it's important you store them properly. They can get damaged, infested with insects or even completely destroyed if they aren't stored correctly.
Here are 5 top tips to help you keep your rug in great condition in your self storage unit until you next want to use it:

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Prepare for Self Storage by Cleaning Your Rug

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This is probably the most important thing you need to do before storing your rug. You must properly clean it to ensure that there aren't any pieces of debris, insects, dust mites or dirt that will damage the rug while it is in storage. Depending on what the rug is made of, you might be able to shampoo it, rinse and dry the rug yourself without damaging it. It is important any washing liquid or powder is removed, and that the rug is completely dry.
Other rugs may require you just hoover them or you might need to get a professional cleaner to clean it for you if it is very precious.

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Never Fold Your Rug

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You must never fold your rug, this will not only form creases in the rug that will be near impossible to remove, but it might also cause strain to the crease over time which may damage it while in storage. You must roll your rug dependent on the vulnerability of the pile and the foundation. If the pile or the pile and foundation are vulnerable, roll with the pile in. If the foundation is more vulnerable than the pile, roll the foundation inwards.

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Protecting Your Rug

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You can wrap your rug as you roll it up, alternatively you can wrap it once it is rolled. Be careful about the type of material you use to protect your rug, plastic can cause condensation so use a cotton cover or sheet.

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Know Your Self Storage Unit

Your rug must be stored in a cool environment away from any natural light and away from areas that fluctuate in humidity. For this reason, consider self storage with climate and humidity control.

Top 5

Check In With Your Rug

If your rug is expensive, or important to you, check in with it every few months to ensure it is not suffering from mildew, or it is not infested with any insects. The sooner you identify any issues with your rug, the sooner you can hopefully save it from being damaged.

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