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lectronic waste is fast becoming a serious environmental issue that is causing pollution of the air, contamination of the land and waterways and which poses a health hazard to human beings. For these reasons many of the world's most influential countries have already implemented new laws to try and prevent the problem from growing any worse. Regulations such as the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive in Europe are aimed at encouraging not just more and better recycling but also re-use and the development of circular business models in which product designs eliminate most, if not all, waste from manufactured products at the drawing board.

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Electronic waste contains dangerous compounds

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Many electronic gadgets contain compounds such as nickel, barium, copper, mercury, and lead which are dangerous for the environment and for human beings. We are already seeing the effects of e-waste on the environment worldwide as landfill sites grow ever larger and the workers suffer side effects to their health from handling and dismantling e-waste. E-waste is a massive problem but it is not too late to halt it's growth.

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We are wasting valuable resources

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Did you know that mobile phones contains small quantities of precious metals such as silver, gold, copper and palladium and yet we often throw them away without a thought for the value in them even if they no longer work. Instead recycling companies could be extracting valuable metals for re-use in new phones.

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Developing Countries are suffering

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Wealthy nations are shipping their e-waste in huge cargo ships to places like China and then relinquishing any responsibility for it. But regulations are less stringent in developing nations and so the environmental impact is often greater.

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We are using energy unnecessarily

Energy from limited fossil fuel resources is being expended mining for new materials to create new electronic gadgets when manufacturers could reuse compounds and components from old gadgets that are being discarded.

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We could make charitable donations

Finally, there are many charities who can make use of old items that are still working to educate children in poorer countries, using our old PCs and laptops.

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We should all understand the environmental impact of throwing away old electronics and do our best to re-use and recycle all electronic gadgets and electrical equipment. Our current "throw away" culture is simply unsustainable in a world with finite mineral and energy resources.

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