Best Review - Top 5 Reasons I Made $1033.89 this month on Squidoo

Squidoo is a free writing platforms where you can make one page webpages about topics you are interested. These can be all about your hobbies, or a review of the latest toy or gadget you just bought. There are numerous ways to make money on Squidoo. First they share their advertising revenue with the top 85,000 pages within their network. If your page has an average Lensrank under 85,000 for the month, you will get a share of this advertising revenue. The top 2,000 pages right now are getting more than $53 per month. This advertising revenue seems to increase every month.

You can also get paid commissions for recommended items for sale on Azon, eBay, iTunes, and Cafepress. And Squidoo also allows you to place your own affiliate links to certain programs on their pages also.

Six months ago I really started focusing on making more Squidoo lenses so I could increase my earnings. Now it seems that my hard work is paying off. You can read all my Squidoo tips, as well as my Squidoo Earnings Report here.

Here's the reasons that I increased my Squidoo earnings to $1033.89 for the month of November earnings, paid out on January 12, 2012.

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Squidoo Earnings Report
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I Write About Things I Like

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A great Squidoo page that gets good traffic and converts well into sales is one that is well written, well researched, and conveys a lot of good information about the topic. The best way to do this is to write about things you like, products you've already bought, places you know like the back of your hand, or things that you are good at. Chances are that you know a lot about a particular subject. And there are many people out there looking for information about that subject. Do you have a special recipe that everyone raves about when you cook it. Write a Squidoo page about it. Do you teach a class at work? Write a page about it. Do you know how to do things on the computer that others may need help with? Squidoo it. Did you visit someplace really cool on your family vacation last year? Write about it. Make pages about things you like and the writing will be easy.

An example of one of my pages that's about something cool that I did ~ I hiked to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

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Top 2

I use Keyword Research Tools to help my pick my titles

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After I have chosen a topic to write about which I'm interested in, then I use a keyword research software program to help me pick the right words to use in my titles and url. This is important to note that you must do this step before you even start your new Squidoo lens, because you can't go back and change your url once you select it. And because the search engines consider the words in your url when determining what pages to send traffic to, picking the right url is important.

Currently I'm using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and I really like it. However, it does have a monthly fee of $19. But I feel this fee is worth it. By using the tool my Squidoo pages are getting lots of traffic from Google. In fact, 68% of my traffic to my Squidoo pages comes from Google organic search results, which means my Squidoo page is showing up on Google search results page 1 for the keywords people type in their computer.

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Top 3

I complement my pages with good products for sale

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Because you can earn commission on Squidoo for recommending products, make sure to add product sale modules to all of your pages. Even if your page is about your family vacation to Disney Land last year, you can link to a book about how to navigate Disneyland in the most efficient way so you don't have to wait in line. (yes, there really are books about that).

And make sure to write a personal description about why you are recommending that product. If you've purchased the product for yourself, then write your own review about what you like about it as well as what you dislike. In fact, why not start a page about the great gift you or your kids got for Christmas this year. Why is that gadget so cool? And what do you wish the manufacturer would have done differently. Take some photos and maybe even a video and upload it to your Squidoo page. Here's a page I made about a Christmas gift my kids got ~ Cardboard Play Houses

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Top 4

I continue to make new Squidoo pages every month

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The best way to increase your Squidoo earnings is to continue to make more new pages. Every new page you make is another opportunity to earn ad revenue share from Squidoo and to also make sales on your lenses. You also learn a lot about how Squidoo works simply by writing more pages. Set a goal for yourself that you want to write xx number of pages per month. Or per week. Then write down that goal and post it prominently next to your computer. Earning money online is WORK. You actually have to do it.

Once you've made a new page on Squidoo make sure you share it with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Then create some backlinks to your new page. Right here on Best-Reviewer is a great place to get backlinks to your Squidoo lenses. Make a new top for your page and make a #1 #2 #3 #4 for each section of your page. Use your chosen keywords for the #1 title, #2 title, etc. Join Best-Reviewer HERE

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Top 5

Make Goals for your Squidoo Earnings

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Like everything in life, we focus on what is right in front of us. Write down your Squidoo earnings goals for this month, this quarter, this year. Then post them in front of your computer or somewhere else that you will read them everyday. Then make a list about how you are going to go about accomplishing that. Read my Squidoo Earnings Report

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This Top 5 Reasons I Made $1033.89 This Month On Squidoo has been created by our member azlaird whose website you can visit here: Antique Vintage Collectibles.

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EsotericArticles's picture

Nice earnings:). How many

Nice earnings:).

How many lenses or whatever do you have?

azlaird's picture

For this time period I had

For this time period I had 141 featured lenses on my account. But only 71 of them earned any money. I have a chart posted on my Make Money with Squidoo lens that shows my earnings and how many lenses I had that month.

wahmshelley's picture

Congratulations and thanks,

Congratulations and thanks, azlaird!!!...I knew that Squidoo was a good way to make money online, but I will be working on using these top tips to really put out some more lenses...

WAHM Shelley... :)

LegoLegoLego's picture


CONGRATULATIONS you must work very very hard to earn money like that fair play to you my friend, Hopefully some day i will make even a quarter of what you have in a month Keep up the good work well done :)

icciev's picture

Congratulation man, I use

Congratulation man, I use Squidoo too, its great website with really advanced features, lot of people are making success there but not me, don't know way, maybe I have to improve the quality and quantity of my lens

icciev's picture

Congratulation man, I use

Congratulation man, I use Squidoo too, its great website with really advanced features, lot of people are making success there but not me, don't know way, maybe I have to improve the quality and quantity of my lens