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ello, I'm going to talk about cbproads, which is for me a revelation, I wish I had searched years before for an alternative to buggy HopAd Builder.. But no, I never learn anything and instead I used HopAd Builder until the very end.. I only bought cbproads lifetime membership 2 days before the final termination date of HopAd Builder.. And although I had read about cbproads before, I never bothered to register even a free account (with ad revenue sharing)

CbProAds is an easy way to promote clickbank products to make "tons" of cash, well checks :-)
It is free (this link) but it makes sense to buy the lifetime membership while it is cheap (that link) because the free version means you share the clickbank revenue with the owner of the site 50/50, and the paid membership is really cheap for what the service offers!

This is a unique tool kit to make money with clickbank in an alternative way than the traditional internet marketing stuff, it's worth a try I tell you!

Contextual Clickbank
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Make Money By Displaying Clickbank Ads on your Sites

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CBproADS has developed an amazing Ad generation tool set which allows CBproADS members to create high quality ClickBank Ads which, when displayed, greatly increases the revenue generating potential of their websites and blogs. Using the built in customisation facilities of the Tool Set members can create ads by category, display type, size, colour and format.

I personally love their contextual widget, this is the reason why I bought the lifetime membership in the first place, to replace the now extinct HopAd Builder from clickbank.. And really, this has nothing to do with the old dinosaur! I'm so glad to have this tool in my skillset now, and I have to thank clickbank for not having improved their Hopad builder and to have terminated instead, because if they did then I would have kept on using the broken Hopad builder widget on my site, displaying all the poor quality product which never sale and would have never tried something that I would have to pay. How silly of me, I could have bought the lifetime membership years ago because they have been working on it for years, but no I kept on the hopad builder with few to no sales for weeks on end..

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Ultimate Clickbank Products Marketing Tool

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CbproAds has made creating Cickbank hoplinks easier. With just a bit of code they give you, you can display images of all sizes, text links, etc.. All with your clickbank id (hop) included so you get 100% of the commissions on each sales.

Different Types of Ad Formats include: Widget ads, Contextual ads (my favorite, as used on this site), Banner ads (classic but efficient), List Image ads, Block Image ads, Slide ads and Scroll ads.

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Clickbank Storefront Websites

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CbproAds also provides a fully featured Clickbank StoreFront to make money with Clickbank for those who don't have their own website/blog.

Yes, even without a site or blog, you can still make good money with this system via clickbank. Because you'll have a complete catalogue online full of clickbank products, so you only have to promote that site which is hosted by them. The products come from clickbank marketplace and their descriptions have been reworded by skilled writers to make them more appealing than the standard clickbank description which is usually targeted to affiliates, not buyer.

So, the storefront website contrains more than 13,000 products, not all good of course, but that is up to clickbank to clean their marketplace, but the good ones are displayed first and each sales commission go to your clickbank account, 100% of the time.

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Niche Websites

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Niche Marketing - that is the marketing of products/services to a smaller subset of consumers who have specific identified needs - is becoming one of the only ways for small businesses to get noticed on the Internet.

Unlike their regular storefront, 'Niche Storefronts' will have only products which belong to that particular niche.

This is a great opportunity to promote products to a TARGETED AUDIENCE, thus resulting in a greater click-to-buy conversion ratio.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

They have placed all their tools in a package, their site with the premium membership. And one can get lifetime access to this package for a small fee that will pay itself in only 2 or 3 sales of any product, really it is that cheap.. And the lifetime membership includes all the on going and future development costs too. So there will be nothing else to pay in the future, honestly I find it incredible but I understand how it works, they want lifetime members like the gyms have lifetime membership, it is simply because more lifetime users means even more monthly and annual users, because of their referral program, clever!

They seem confident about their service and I reckon it is unprecedented value for money, so they offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you didn't get the 2 or 3 sales in this time, then yes you better ask for the refund and also sell your computer because internet marketing is obviously not for you since the contextual widget alone would be enough on a moderately trafficked website to reimburse the small cost of the lifetime membership in a few days!

If you are not happy with the value, you get with just contact us and we will return your money no questions asked.

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ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. Cbproads is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any Cbproads product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by Cbproads in the materials on this Web page. This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Yahoo, or Wordpress, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google, Yahoo, or Wordpress.

I honestly don't know why this disclaimer is here, but I guess it needed to be stated, hmm..

Anyway don't worry one second about it, I have bought it, you can see it working on this very site, so if you don't know me and would like to try to trust a stranger one time, try me and try that advice right here. If you have a clickbank account that means that at some point you were thinking of earning money with it, and I can tell you that if clickbank were more clever they would have either developped a similar tool suite themselves for their affiliates or they would have already hired the guy who is making it happening!

My only concern is will it continue to be working in 6 months time, will the developper keep on improving it and making sure he has very faster servers to handle the many request to his database and server bandwidth? I think that with all the money he must be making with his users, not only in memberships but also with 50/50 ad revenue sharing with the not-so-clever ones who don't pay for even a monthly membership..

I'd like to know more about his earnings and expenses, but I'm 100% sure he is very wealthy just because of this suite tool he has developed and is maintaining. Success doesn't come cheap, but once it comes then everybody envies him.. Frankly I wish I was this guy and had developped this tool, but I don't know enough web coding to do that, but for sure I'd be so happy that this service was mine and very proud too!

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