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ime is the least understood and most valuable things in life. One needs to know how to proportion it and then utilize it. The best way to do so, is to make a list of the way you contribute to being on time. When you realize the value of time, and the people around you realize it, you gain respect and save more time. To understand it one should start to wear a watch or at least time the various activities one does in the course of the day. People who realize the importance of time work better and produce things having good quality.

time and space defined
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You will never miss out on anything important

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By being on time, you will be able to attend everything that is of importance to you. There will never be a case of having been just a minute late and missed something important.

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People look up to you

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You will be respected as a person who is always there on time, and this will gain you a lot of respect in your social circles. You will be seen as the person who does his work on time and is always having time for others.

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You will not get frowns from your friends and family

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Be it a function or a celebration, if you are there a few minutes ahead of schedule, you will find there is plenty of things to do, people to meet. If you are always rushed, you will not interact with people better. If you keep your time proportioned you will find that you have time on your hands for attending to everything.

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You get a lot of leisure

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By working faster and keeping on time, you often find that the work is completed ahead of schedule, this gives you a lot of time to relax. When you are relaxed, you work better the next day.

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You make time for your colleagues

You are working together and nobody wants to get delayed by person who is not on time. The whole team achieves better results when they are perfectly synchronized.

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Time is important to all. It is the common factor that binds us together and by respecting time, we respect everyone. When we respect this aspect of our lives, we find everything possible and easier than before. More time for work gives more time for leisure. Respect is only earned by making time for others. There will be instances where we are in need of time, and only our friends will be there to make time for us.

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