Best Review - Top 5 PlayStation Move Shooting Attachments (Guns and Rifles) for Christmas 2010


here are several really good PlayStation Move guns, including several handguns, 1 shotgun, and a few rifles. Here is a current list of the best PS3 Move guns available for Christmas 2010.

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Top 1

PlayStation Move Precision Shot 3 Gun

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This is the top handgun for the PlayStation Move. * Universally Compatible with all MOVE Games Specifically Compatible with ALL PlayStation Shooting Games including, Time Crisis, TheShoot, Resident Evil 5, Toy Story. It features a 1 Hand Pistol style or 2 Handed Navigation Grip style. This is the one to get for Christmas 2010!

Top 2

PlayStation Move Battle Rifle

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This was voted most popular on Hub Pages and has received very high reviews elsewhere. Created to work perfectly with PlayStation Move shooting games. It features a textured grip for added control and comfort. Break-away design so you can modify the gun appearance.

Top 3

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment

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The original simple, red PlayStation Move gun is very popular with gamers. I think it looks kind of dorky, but that's just me. It has a ergonomic pistol grip that comfortably fits in the hand and provides for comfortable, long game-play sessions. One hand remains free for the gamer to use the PlayStation Move navigation controller or Dualshock 3 wireless controller.

Top 4

Playstation Move - Dual Shot Guns

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This is both popular and a great deal because you get two guns, in both red and blue colors. This allows you to play against a friend.

Top 5

PlayStation Move Quick Shot Gun

This is a strange looking gun, but very popular. It is made of high-grade durable material, so has received better reviews than some of the cheaply made guns of the competitors.

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Take your pick and remember to read the Amazon reviews before buying a PlayStation Move gun.

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