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id you know that you can get free Christmas toys for children? Here we are again approaching another Christmas season. It is a season of joy for some and also the a time of year that magnifies the haves from the have nots; and can be quite a depressing time for many families Good new is there are several charitable organizations that collect and donate Christmas toys to kids.

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Angel Tree

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Prison Fellowship, sponsors Christmas Angel Tree to help children whose parents are incarcerated have a decent Christmas. Prison Fellows solicits the aid from churches and the community through toy drives to make this ministry possible. The best time to register a child to receive a free toy is July, as you can imagine there are many children that need toys.

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Toys for Tots

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Toys for Tots is sponsored by the U.S. Marines each year. You may remember the commercial for Toy's for Tots airs each Christmas season. Toys for Tots work with major toy companies such as BabiesRUs, ToysRUs, Hasbro toys and Scholastic to provide toys for Children. Call Toys for Tots if you want to donate a free toy or need to receive one.

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Christmas Angel Tree

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This program is sponsored by The Salvation Army. In order to receive a free Christmas toy you can register with the Department of Social Services. The DSS handles the screening process necessary to get a toy for your child. You can also contact the Salvation Army to register as a donor or a recipient for the Christmas Angel Tree program

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Operation Christmas Child

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Operation Christmas Child, is a Christian ministry that collects and donates Christmas toys and gifts for children overseas and nationally. It is run by Franklin Graham, headquartered in Boone, NC. Each the community members donate money, time, gifts and toys to offer a Christmas Shoebox to children. Contact Samaritian's Purse, if you want to help or need help.

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The Local Church

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Most churches and religious organizations have a toy drive each Christmas, to make sure as many children as possible get a toys. Visit or call the church of your denomination, or the ministry of your choice, to find out how to donate or receive toys for Christmas.

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If you are someone who cares about children, why not find a charitable organization and donate a new toy for a needy child. Contact any of the organization above to find out how you can be of help. Christmas is fo children and no child should go with a toy on Christmas!

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Bobbie Jones's picture

Where can I sign my children

Where can I sign my children up to to get a free christmas present for them ?I have a 11 year old girl and a 4 yr old boy.I need help.Thank you

chantel moss's picture

where can i get free

where can i get free christmas gifts for my kids i have an 8 month old baby girl and a 2 year old son

Jackie montiel's picture

I am strugeling trying to

I am strugeling trying to of my 4 grandkids10,6,5,4monthold 3girls boy6yr if u can please.hep thank you

valerie leclere's picture

my daugter has 3small kids

my daugter has 3small kids who need asstance for chistmas an really would be thankful for the help

Travayah Williams 's picture

Hi my name is travayah

Hi my name is travayah Williams I have 3kids I need Christmas toys for them I thought I was going to get my child support money it it didn't come so now it like 2day tell Christmas and I don't have anything for my kids no Christmas tree or toys can some one help me pls it hurt me so bad not to have anything for them