Best Review - Top 5 Pieces Of Budgeting Advice For Project Managers


ne thing that project managers need to get right is their budget. Nevertheless, this is something that most project leaders tend to get wrong. The vast majority of projects tend to go over budget, and this can really hurt a business’s profitability. It is, therefore, of little surprise that this is often an area of focus in project management courses. Keeping that in mind, below we will take a look at some budgeting tips for project managers.

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Be transparent

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First and foremost, it is always beneficial to be transparent with your team regarding your evolving budget forecast. By keeping your team in the know, they will be more inclined to make sure they stick within the budget, and they will be aware of what is expected of them in order to do so. Once they learn of the budget, you will notice that more workers are careful regarding how they designate hours and anything else that impacts the projects’ cost.

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Take a project management course

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As mentioned in the introduction, one of the best ways to get to grips with budgeting is to take one of the many project management training courses that are available. Not only will you learn about budgeting directly, but you will gain all of the tools and knowledge you need to ensure each project is run efficiently, which will in turn increase the chances of it being delivered on budget.

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Take On a Project Manager Apprentice

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You want to make sure that everyone working on the project is focusing on the correct tasks and carrying them out to optimal potential. One of the biggest components of the budget are salaries, and thus you need to review resources on a weekly basis to ensure that everyone is putting in the correct amount of hours every week into their tasks, and that they are working on the highest priorities. Project manager apprentices can really prove their worth when resources are tight.

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Be prepared for budget changes

No matter how well you prepare the initial budget, the chances are that it will change at some point. You need to remember that the estimates you put together in the beginning are merely that – estimates. The very nature of doing businesses and the unexpected surprises that come with it, as well as the regular occurrences of scope creep, mean that the budget can quite easily change. If you are not prepared for this, you could find yourself in a very sticky situation.

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Know your core expenses

When budgeting, it is always wise to start with the core costs. By this we mean things that are a necessity to get the project up and running, for example, software, equipment, team members, and travel. Once you have done this, you should compare the figures to the overall budget. If these expenses do not fit under the complete cost figure, you need to talk with your stakeholders and/or your boss to determine how the project should be scaled in order to ensure it is completed within the available budget.

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