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eople love to make jokes about lawyers. They especially love to make jokes about personal injury lawyers. These professionals are often referred to as “ambulance chasers”, but the truth of the matter is this, when you suffer a bodily injury through no fault of your own a personal injury lawyer is your best ally. They fight to make sure your physical needs are met and that you have the monetary means to take care of your family while you heal.

Top 5 Personal Injury Lawyer Firms in Toronto
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Natalie Clark and her team at Clark Law Firm

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Natalie Clark and her team of professionals have offices in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Hamilton, Whitby, and Barrie. They are ready to provide you a free case evaluation and tell you what options you have available to you, and advice you on how to handle your case.

With Natalie Clark and the Clark Law Firm you will have an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your:

o Car accident claims
o Disability clains
o Orthopedic injuries
o Chronic pain syndrome
o Motorcycle accident claims
o Spinal injury claims
o Occupier’s liability claims
o Wrongful death claims

Top 2

Kahler Law Firm

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The personal injury lawyers here can assist you with:

- Car accident injury claims

- Catastrophic injuries

- Slip and fall injuries

- Brain injuries

- Long term disability claims

Top 3

Diamond & Diamond

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The attorneys here will be able to assist you with:

o Car accident claims

o Brain injury claims

o Work related injury claims

o Slip and fall claims

Top 4

Neinstein & Associates

You will find the personal injury lawyer at this firm capable of helping you with:

• Slip and fall injuries
• Wrongful death lawsuits
• Long term disability claims
• Motor vehicle accident claims
• Spinal injury claims
• Product liability lawsuits
• Medical malpractice claims
• Tort claims

Top 5

Pace Law - 1-888-463-1848

You will find professional help with your:

o Motor vehicle claims
o Spinal injury claims
o Brain injury claims
o Slip and fall claims

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Tips to help you choose the right personal injury lawyer

Choosing a personal injury lawyer in Toronto will require you to consider some things about the law firm and what they have to offer you. Before you make your final decision make a list of the top 5 law firms; like we have here, and then consider the following about each of the five firms listed.

1. Are their offices located close enough to you that you can make your appointments easily?
2. Are their staff friendly, compassionate and helpful when you call, or go into the office. You may have to work with a personal injury lawyer for several months, or years before your case is settled so make sure you feel comfortable with the people in the office.
3. How much experience do they have in the lawsuit type you have?
4. What is their track record for winning cases?
5. Do they have trial experience or do they just settle claims out of court?

Go to the free consultation visit and listen carefully. You need to know that the lawyer you choose is someone you have confidence in.

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