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ll businesses, no matter how big or small, needs the services of a professional lawyer for smooth running of business activities, completely deal with legal issues, negotiate a contract on behalf of the business and play several advisory roles. For a lot of businesses, having a full-time lawyer on staff can be very expensive. And for this reason, they decide to hire a part time outsourced general counsel who has the skills and experience to provide the best quality service to clients

Top 5 Outsourced Part-Time Legal Counsel
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Outside GC Legal Counsel

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One of the most innovative approach to legal services to small and mid-sized companies is Outside GC. With a team of professional and highly experienced business lawyers, Outside GC offers outsourced general legal counsel services in a part time basis at a cost effective rate. This legal institution offers clients the chance to have a long-term, working relationship with one of the many Outside GC lawyers. If you are looking to hire a legal firm that offers regular, on-going legal support on a part time basis, look no further than Outside GC, as they are considered one the most affordable law firms to use for your business day-to-day legal work.

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Slinde Nelson Stanford

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Hiring the services of professional legal counsel to have a long-term, working relationship is very important for your business. Though it is good to have a lawyer in-house, but there is little work to fully justify hiring the services of a full time lawyer. And as a result, it is necessary to hire the services of a part time legal counsel regardless of the size of your business. Slinde Nelson Stanford offers great legal services such as succession planning, employment law issues and bundles services tailored to meet the needs of clients.

Top 3

Coradin Law P.A.

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Both local and foreign companies operating in the United States now stand a chance of owning dedicated General Counsel on a part time basis. Coradin Law P.A offers one of the best outsourcing solutions for business organizations looking for part time legal counsel and representation to companies of all sizes at cost effective rate. Some of the clients that seek the cost effective service of Coradin Law P.A include companies experiencing growth, foreign companies and all companies.

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InnovaCounsel is one of the most effective law firm offering trusted In-House General Counsel Services. Renowned for providing legal services designed specifically for mid-sized and fast-growth companies, Innova Counsel is one of the most affordable legal counsel in the United States. By hiring this legal firm, your company will be provided with specialized legal minds designed to identify and manage risk and fully protect your business.

Top 5

Phillips & Reiter

One of the reasons why most business opt for the services of Phillips & Reiter is because they work closely with clients thus ensuring that the business goals and objectives are accomplished. They offer the highest level of representations using the finest, most proficient lawyers to handle every of your day-to-day legal works at cost-effective rates.

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